Yet another reason to hate annointed enemies

So, sometimes after I kill militants when I smash them I get downed by radiation (irrc) splash damage, from full shields and health. Am I missing something I have no idea why this is happening…

Never had that happen. If you kill them with radiation its possible that the status is still there if you breakvthem to quick.

Been there before. Never really sure why it happens though.

Yeah, it happened a couple of times in Konrad’s hold, there are a lot of barrels in that area, it might be that one of them got blown… but it just seems unlikely. this kinda has me stumped if it’s not a part of the annointed mechanic…

I’ve had this happen before. Seems to be due to the radiation status effect staying on them for a while even after they’ve been killed and become eridium statues. When you shatter them, it triggers a radiation “death” explosion that takes you down to less than 50% health, and then a tick or two of the status effect puts you into FFYL.

I got tired of it happening, so now I just wait a while before shattering them or just don’t bother shattering them at all.

I do NOT think it is barrel related. It’s happened to me a couple of times and one of those was the two anointed before dropping in on Troy.

IF there even are barrels in that space there is no way they were intact after dispensing with those two

Pretty sure this is it… have eaten enough radiation to down myself in the past from smashing one I just dropped with a rad weapon. I give them a moment to cool off from any DoT before I smash 'em now.

It’s 100% what others have said, radiation staying on them when you go to shatter the purple statue.

It’s an instant down if the status effect is powerful enough, so watch out for next 2 mag anointments in radiation or shield anointments on ASE.

Or just wait 10 seconds before you break them. You can see the radiation on parts of them, wait til that’s gone and they’ll stop screaming. Then they’re safe to smash.

It’s a little annoying.