Yet another thought about Mayhem modifiers

As I lot of people have said - Mayhem modifiers ain’t the best endgame feature introduced in gaming. They are strange, unfair and most of the time just no fun.

What if instead of all these pluses and minuses you actually introduced some chaotic mayhem? You’ve already scaled the difficulty, why do you want to introduce so much RNG in it? What if you make modifiers that actually affect gameplay in a good way and make them change… I dunno, every 5 minutes? (with a way to see the new modifiers on the screen) What if suddenly enemy heads become a lil bit bigger? Or what if bullets start ricocheting? Barrels start appearing out of the air? Badass kills are accompanied by a exultation of a CEO of the company which made the gun that delivered the killing blow?
Just make it chaotic!
What does the community think about this idea?

Yea Mayhem was poorly designed. I think the overwhelming majority of players agree with this and I believe it will eventually get an overhaul, probably just not right away as there are a lot of bugs and performance issues they need to attend to first.

Yeah, I totally agree with this - crashes, bugs and perfomance should be top priority atm. Still it would be nice to give Gearbox a few ideas on how they can change some of the aspects of the game

There is no statistic to suggest that the majority, let an overwhelming one, agrees with this sentiment. A few posts on these here forums and probably more on the whingeboards A.K.A. reddit do not represent a majority of the playerbase.

Mayhem Modifiers should’ve been like this:

  • Area only contains Badass enemies
  • Enemies have 1/2/3 additional shield/armour/life bars
  • Area contains duplicated enemies
  • All guns deal element xy damage / all enemies deal additional element xy damage

Modifiers that are hard but fun at the same time instead of just +/- damage modifiers.


One of the modifiers I see half the time I load up the game is “enemies have a 30% chance to reflect projectiles back to player”. Why is this in the game? Why do you have a 30 percent chance to shoot yourself? The game literally discourages you from doing exactly what you are supposed to do - killing enemies. Makes you feel as if you were playing as Face McShooty, not a vault hunter.