Yet another underrated problem in game critical hit stat

As some of you are aware crit bonuses are multiplicative from cmod to artifact to gun card to character skill bonuses. gearbox has separated gun manufacturers into the groups who can get this bonus vs groups who can not. i will provide the full list later but for now trust me on this one. atlas jacobs hyperion and dahl can get up to 51% crit bonus as per level 57 while torgue cov malian vlafof and tediore can’t. other types of bonuses are far less impactful and desirable like manufacturer specific fire rate and gun damage boosts and especially accuracy buff rolls.

considering the power of multiplicative nature of boosts and said manufacturers with crit buff roll pull ahead while best thing for maliwan/torgue usually is general boost like splash/aoe or dot damage for maliwan. in the current landscape of endagme where immense power is derived from anointment damage boosts and only using meta guns that could not care less about passive rolls. issues like these are overlooked. but myself playing a game slightly different way i found that this kind of allocation in passives is super unfair for half the manufacturers. i am not saying each manufacturer should get crit bonus but rather crit bonuses are way too high and far outweigh other rolls. with splash aoe at 33% being second best arguably. then we get gun type specific bonuses at same 33% while manufacturer specific gun damage is far less for whatever reason. yet what blows my mind is that gun damage rewards have lesser values than a god damn crit boost which sounds like either overlook or blistering incompetence.