Y'know, events would fit nicely as Mayhem Modifiers

I’m in the camp that likes shooting stuff and greatly enjoys when’s there’s a lot of stuff to shoot, not the same enemy with meter thick shields. Dropping into the very Chaos itself a.k.a Scraptrap Nest with Cartels active is all kinds of cathartic.

What I’m saying is that those events are cool because they give you extra things to unload at, same reason why Freeze Tag, Healy Avenger and Buddy System (and even Post Mortem to some degree) are my go to Mods - extra targets, extra drops, extra chances for Second Wind if need be.

Having Cartels or Harvest skulls as a Hard MMod, post event proper would be fun, no? They could drop something or other, which you would need to get loads of for a chance to get into Heck/Villa again. Sense of “special place” stays, those nice maps get extra mileage, devs stop being villains manipulating players into FOMO.

Just throwing it out there. If this isn’t new, well, then I add my voice in support of such an idea.

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I feel that they have a ways to go with content yet. Two more DLCs, Another takedown (or two), and future events that will most likely have new maps, enemies, anointments and game mechanics.

However, once the content has been fully released and GB are not making as much money from the game, it would be a great way to ensure the longevity of the game at that time.