Y'know what feels good?

When you’ve got a whole crew of psychos running at you. And you go Berserk… And just run around them in a circle over, and over and over and over and over again, punching them with your lightning fists OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

Circle-strafing a whole chump bucket of psychos together like a merry go round of fists… Mmm…

Anyone else got good Brick feelings?

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Using the speed glitch and a Vladof Hammer to demolish entire camps of bandits in seconds.

Even more satisfying: Punching a group of Craw Maggots to death. Yes, I have done that… And I wasn’t even using a punching build.

Pfft, Craw maggots are easy since shock punchs stun-lock them. Punch a worm, I double (Brick’s)dog dare you!

A real master Punchs MINAC!

Another great Brick feeling is having 9/5 Wide load and Rocket Regen and spamming Redemtion’s everywhere.

I’ve still gotta buff Sting Like A Bee all the way one day to see how maniacally hilarious that gets.

Honestly? At high investment, it gets really hard to hit the critical spots. Its good for about 2 or 3 points, but stop after that.

This, but replace Hammer with S&S Crux.

Eh, I’m more of a Hammer guy too.

I prefer the Hammer in some situations, but I do appreciate the accuracy of the S&S Crux. If only I could find a Crux with a fire rate above 1.0/1.8

The Hammer is a fine piece of weaponry, sure. But the frequent reloads is something I personally do not like.
Mat3 Hammers are loot porn though.

Brick’s action skill is always satisfying to use.

Surprised it even took you this long to show up!

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I jumped in as soon as I saw the thread. :smile:

Mat3 has the silver on it right?

That is Mat2 if memory serves me well.
Mat3 is orange and black.

Okay, been a little while since I looked that stuff up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll never forget the spawning system used (and its rules) in BL ;p
Never bothered learning RL’s though.

You know I found hilarious as Brick? Running a mat3 Titan com which gave +3 Unbreakable. I had 6432 shields, and would regen 120% of that in 5 seconds when they went down. I purposely let a lone bandit shoot me a ton, and he couldn’t even get through my Unbreakable regen. It would fully recharge my shields every time.

Now can the hammer be legitly obtained? I thought I read somewhere it isnt.

It spawns just like any other legendary, though from my experience its one of the rarer items compared to other legendaries…