Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of intergalactic space rum!

I was thinking about how the Rouges are shard pirates, and how (with the exception of Reyna) distinctly un-pirate like they are.

Because of my love for pirates, skeletons, and skeleton pirates, I decided to make my own skeleton pirate Battleborn! His name is Captain Shacks.

Captain Shacks is a big (about as big as ISIC) six armed skeleton pirate with cutlasses in each hand and a cannon lodged in his chest. He’s a tanky melee brawler, who focuses on absorbing damage for the team, punishing enemies who attack him, and dishing out loads of CC.

300 Shields at level 1,
1628 Health at level 1, 2213 Health at level 10.

Passive: Scuvy Dog: enemies that damage Captain Shacks take 5% increased damage for 3 seconds. Does not stack.

Weapon: The Six out of Seven Seas: Captain Shacks’ primary attack uses his six cutlasses to cut his enemies to shreds. (21 dmg per attack at level 1, with 6 attacks per second for 126 dps. 39 dmg per attack at level 10 for 174 dps)

Talent: Parrying Stance: Captain Shacks’ secondary attack allows him to block and deflect damage with his swords by entering Parrying Stance, which reflects projectiles and 25% melee damage back at attackers. +1000 damage deflection.

Skill 1: Harpoon: Fire a Harpoon at a target for 114 damage, and Tethering a target to Captain Shacks for 5 seconds. While Tethered, targets cannot move more than 30m from Captain Shacks. Cooldown: 18 seconds.

Skill 2 Blunderbuss: Fires a single round from Captain Shacks’ Blunderbuss dealing 234 damage (13 pellets, 18 damage per pellet). Enemies hit by Blunderbuss are Silenced and Wounded for 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 24 seconds.

Ultimate Madam Irons: Fires a cannon blast from the cannon in Captain Shacks’ chest, Madam Irons, for 326 damage. The first enemy hit by Madam Irons is Stunned for 2 seconds, and all others caught in the AoE are Blinded for 1 second.
Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Left Helix: Mutineer. Right Helix: Scallywag.
Level 1
Left Crits with Blunderbuss also Blind the target for 1 second.
Right Targets hit by Harpoon are also Pulled.

Level 2
Left Harpoon inflicts Bleed on targets for 2 seconds. +144 damage.
Right Harpoon Tethers targets to the ground where they were hit, rather than to Captain Shacks.

Level 3
Left Scurvy Dog also effects targets when you hit them with your primary.
Middle The increased damage dealt by Scurvy Dog is returned to you as Life Steal. +5% life steal on all damage dealt to targets affected by Scurvy Dog.
Right Scurvy Dog also Wounds targets.

Level 4
Left Increases Blunderbuss’ damage. +15% damage.
Middle Blunderbuss can be fired twice before going on cooldown.
Right Widens Blunderbuss’ spread. +30% projectiles.

Level 5
Left Getting an assist gives you shards equal to 2% of the damage you dealt to the target.
Middle Removes Captain Shacks’ shield, but gain large damage reduction. -300 Shield, +30% damage reduction.
Right Doubles the amount of damage you can deflect with Parrying Stance before it “breaks”. +100% damage deflection.

Level 6
Left Increases damage reflected back at melee attackers with Parrying Stance. +15% damage reflection.
Right Increases Captain Shacks’ attack speed. +16% attack speed.

Level 7
Left Harpoon now penetrates through all targets in a straight line, damaging and Tethering each along the way.
Middle Harpoon now Slows targets.
Right Harpoon instantly breaks enemies’ Shields on a hit.

Level 8
Left Blunderbuss pellets now reflect off the environment once after hitting objects in the world.
Right Reduces Bluderbuss’ cooldown. -20% cooldown.

Level 9
Left Killing an enemy harvests their soul, healing you for the damage of the killing blow. +100% life steal on killing blows.
Right Parrying Stance is considered to be active while you are attacking.

Level 10
Left Madam Irons shoots out three cannon balls, each at reduced damage. Madam Irons can no longer Blind enemies. +2 shots, -80% damage per shot.
Middle Madam Irons splits into a multiple smaller cannon shots after the initial explosion. +6 explosions.
Left Increases Madam Irons’ AoE. +45% AoE.

Various callouts and such:
“Thar be a mutiny afoot!” -upon seeing another Rouge
"All hands on deck!" -upon seeing an enemy Battleborn
"Land ho! Nay, it’s just Montana." -upon seeing Montana

“Abandon… ship…”, “Shiver me timbers!” -upon dying
"Afterlife is stale as always, har har!" -upon respawning

“Thar she blows!”, “I’ll Keel haul the lot o’ ye!” -using Harpoon
"To the depths with ye!" -using Madam Irons

“Another one fer Davy Jones!” -killing an enemy Battleborn

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Overall I love the idea! Some parts of his kit feel a bit loaded though

Really good! We need a tether character. He doesn’t sound quite tanky though, more of an offtank controller

20 % Attack speed like all others. It could be Like Pendles, that he has to gain the speed by hitting enemies consecutevly, but with a thing that other Melees Share, he shouldn’t be at disadvantage.

That’s sounds like a direct nerf, make the damage reduced by 30% maybe, however I like these ideas

This is pretty cool, except for one thing: Level 10, left helix, heavily reduces Madam Irons’s total damage even if you hit all the shots, down to roughly 60% of the original value. Reducing the damage per shot by 40% seems would be a better option, meaning it increases the total damage by 80% but only if all shots are hit.

The damage nerf is to offset the fact that Madam Irons can now stun three enemies at once, if used with skill

Hmmm. Good point, but it’s still a terribly hard nerf. Reducing the damage by 66% would balance it to the original value if all shots are hit, but I dunno.

Think of it like Toby’s double stun but instead a triple stun.

Yeah, but with Toby’s, the total damage works out to around +20%. -40% is waaaay to much to still be viable.

Fair enough. But it’s still potentially a 6 second stun and you don’t need damage to get someone killed if you have that. Your team just needs damage.

Yeah, good point, if you nail all the shots perfectly you don’t need the base damage to be that high.