Yo, need some help over here. Sound issues

Just bought and downloaded BL3 and there’s no sounds in game, btw cutscenes contain sounds and voices but gameplay doesnt.
How do I fix this problem?

Just found out there’s a problem with spacial sound…
Solved by turning it off


Yeah, I’ve been having the same issues, turning it off helps for a bit it’s just annoying. It seems like it started happening in spades while I was on eden-6

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Eden6 is where it happened for me also

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Im having sound issues on eden 6 as well

I have encountered this problem as well, also when I got to Eden 6. Everything was fine for a bit. I noticed weapon effect sounds went first. After which everything else started going quite too. After a few minutes all sound would stop. I’m playing on PS4 so I thought at first my connections were bad but the PS4 menu still plays sound. I’ve found that exiting to the title screen will fix it for short time. But outside of staying off eden 6 I haven’t found a fix.

Im having the sound problems as well on ps4. Not even on Eden, it started on Promethea. I’m hoping there is a real fix soon, because restarting the game doesn’t last more then a minute.

Same here. Ps4 on eden and seems like elsewhere too. Very annoying can’t hear npc dialogue. Just extremely fast text I cannot keep up with to read.

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This thing, right? https://youtu.be/-SP0B1CYIsY
So I’m not the only one

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I discovered switching ps4 sound my sound was set to linear PCM switching to Bitstream (Dolby) resolved sound issue. Without your step.

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Sorry should of added did this in ps4 settings,- Sound and Screen- Audio Out Settings - Bitstream (Dolby)

I don’t only get it on Eden 6. I first had it on Prometheus. Usually going back to the main menu would fix it. Now on Pandora and that’s not even working. Gun sounds work. Dialogue works. Vehicle engine and guns. No. They don’t work at all

Update: Both the runner and technical make the sounds. I guess the Cycle doesn’t at least not on Pandora