Yo Vault hunter! (Balex voice) LF Fire Tediore alien weapon

LF Tediore weapon that homes in and shoots while homing in… seen it at lower lvs just not at lv 50. Doesn’t need to be fire but it would help. Or any good tediore you’ve found thats worth mentioning.

Hey Balex. I dont know of any Tediore gun that is alien (has them eyes on it) and behaves like this. The two alien Tediores are the Smart Gun and the Creeping Death. Neither of those shoot while homing.

They had 1 i know of but it was from vip rewards on the bl3 website. It was called like poison ++ or something it was a shotty and when u threw it, it sprouted legs at shot until it got to the target then exploded

Well if not im still looking for some good tediore guns.

That sounds like the Poison Polybius. Tediore guns are my favorite lol. Ill send some your way when I get a chance.

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That would be awesome.