Yoteslaya Easter Egg

So this was something that was talked about way before BL3 released or was even confirmed as in production, a Yoteslaya NPC or some kind of EE in memory of Yoteslaya who was a massive Borderlands fan and Youtuber at the time. Now that Borderlands 3 has finally arrived, does anyone know if Yoteslaya got his own reference in the game after all or did they not include him?

Only if they wanted to put a pair of irresponsible idiots getting hit by a train while driving drunk. He does not deserve commemoration.


These threads do pop up from time to time… they usually get horrible. I honestly think it’s time to stop having this debate and let him rest in peace, without more arguments and debates about his reputation and death. Anyone deserves that.


RIP Yoteslaya, dude got me into BL2. Kinda sad to see how disrespectful people are when he’s brought up now.

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With respect, the mod team think this has been discussed enough now.

There’s little to gain by further threads on this. If there was going to be an Easter egg, there would have been by now. I think the circumstances of their deaths explain why not.

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