You Are Cordially Invited

To my wedding! Yes, that’s right! My future wife has given me the go to invite some of my fellow forum visitors! Great news no?

All jokes asides, farmed some of the Valentine event snipers so you don’t have to and give them out to the community! So here goes…

Comment wich one you want, shoot me friend request (epic handle is Vin Blake) and I’ll send you the item asap. I’m European, so might take a while to get back to you.

I will just mention the annoints and the stars behind the description is how many I have of those:

  • On ASE, 75% radiation dmg (siren)
  • After using Phaseslam, weapon dmg +300% **
  • After using Phasecast, weapon dmg +250% ***
  • On ASE, next 2 mags +50% incendiary dmg **
  • On ASE, 125% to badasses, bosses and named enemies ****
  • While Barrier is active, +60% accuracy and +70% crit dmg
  • While SNTNL is active, +9% fire rate and 23% reload speed **
  • On ASE, +15% life steal **
  • On ASE, next 2 mags +50% shock dmg**
  • On ASE, +11% fire rate and 26% reload speed
  • After exiting Iron Bear, +10% fire rate and 20% crit dmg
  • After exiting Iron Bear, next 3 mags +33% reload speed and 67% handling
  • After using Phaseslam, +200% melee dmg ****
  • While Auto Bear is active, +75% incendiary dmg
  • On ASE, crit dmg + 25%

Greetings! Vince

Is this available? I’d love it.

Of course it is! Give me a sec to send it out.

Can I have one of the Phasecast 250% dmg please? * . *

ofc, give me a sec to send it out

Thank you. My Epic name is n_tamas91, you just accepted my request :slight_smile:

Item send out! have fun!

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I’ll take the On ASE, weapon dmg +100%

Epic Name is vongdong

Ok noted, I’ll send you the item in a bit, coming online in a couple of hours. I already have you on my FL I think.

Got it. How did you even get all of those???

Could I have the Gamma Burst one? Thank you! Epic ID: vanaria32

Save game farming, backed up my save game when I hit 100 hearts and before opening the chests.

Sure, I’ll send it over as soon as I come online.

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You still giving these away?
If so could I get a gamma burst radiation dmg one?
My epic name is Jayoa

Hey there,

I send you a friend request, I’ll send it over as soon as we are both online.


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Hey Vince, you still have one left? Don’t need to have anointed buff, just a regular one and I will be very grateful. (I miss the event :T )