You broke my trust with this game

Do not get me wrong I loved Battleborn. BUT the fact is as fans and customers our trust was taken advantage of on several occasions.

First the promised of no microtransactions. Premium currency for real money was added about 2 or 3 months after the game launched. It was only for purchase and couldn’t be earned in game and wouldn’t be for about another year.

Second a seasons pass that took over 8 months to get any content out. You took an extra 30$ from me and then didn’t even tell us when we could expect the content.

Next going FTP after disconnecting the game to less then 20$. On top of that you choose to give people the option to buy the game with all the seasons pass content for less then the cost of the seasons pass… ouch. I was happy with my initial purchase but to see the re evaluation of the games value was demeaning to anyone who had paid more.

Lastly the speed of updates. I can understand this was there first time doing a game like this. It was a whole new world with different problems and challanges. Still quality of life and bug fixes where frequently ignored for balancing changes or revamping heros to which we then saw the game break even farther. By the 5th month of this games launch no one cared much about how broken Alani was. We just wanted to the now buggy mess of a game to function as smoothly as it did on day one.

I put my faith in GBX that they would do right by this new franchise. I love Battleborn and I love them for making it but I don’t trust that GBX can do a live service game correctly. Constant updates and tweaking are required with a game like this and I don’t think your studio is equiped or knows how to deal with a constant live survice MOBA type game.

If Battleborn is done again have way more Story missions. Do not host the game live. Have one or two multiplayer modes with like 2 maps. Keep adding story missions via DLC to flesh out the world and add characters to unlock coinciding with said mission. Put less emphasis on adding Gear and more on adding character.

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I agree, but i also understand GB. While they may had big plans, it all fell apart after they learned that it did not sell good or even ok. The game was practically dead on arrival, but they still committed themselves to it. They tried to revive it several times, but it did not connect with gamers.

I think there was a bit to much of an assumption that the Borderlands name had the power to sell a completely different game not even remotely related to it. BL2 and BL1 where great but when you branch out and do something completely different only a minority of your audience is going to fallow.

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Well, i really liked the game. So i do not have much to complain. The only thing i did not like was losing progress. The character level reset after every map put me off. I would have played with every single one of them, if we havekept the individual character progress.

I at least hope that there will be a sequel

I have played all the main Battleborn type games, and I have to say I was gutted it failed to attract more players, it was superb I personally enjoyed it far, far more than overwatch, paladins any of them , I will never understand the lack of uptake


Do not get me wrong I loved this game I played over 400 hours I enjoyed playing with the members of the community I met during the beta. The game had several redeeming qualities gameplay wise. Regardless of what I did like I still feel like GBX should learn from these mistakes. Sadly with the launch of BL3 it seems they didn’t learn much about live support for games and how to communicate honestly. Again BL3 isn’t bad I just has problems and it seems like GBX would rather not be seen outwardly acknowledging the lack of quality control.

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I don’t disagree with you in the slightest,

this forum is a perfect example, it’s an official forum that never issues responses to questions or keeps the player base updated.

when I have said this in the past, people have said " don’t be ridiculous, they can’t reply to everything, they are busy "

my answer to that is simple, no one expects a reply to everything, but don’t give me that BS that they are all too busy to issue statements on where we are up to on bugs and fixes on a product sold as complete and working, everyone expects a few teething issues but this has been terrible again.

It’s not rocket science, have the moderators collate the more pertinent points, send them over to a junior member of staff, they get a brief answer or update from the teams and then cascaded the information down to the player base, it is, after all, a feking multi-billion-pound industry LOL

Can’t afford the member of staff ??? well they cost less than a game failing, millions less :slight_smile:

GB creativity = 10/10 Effective communication 1/10, Much bigger companies have gone bust eventually because of that combination

Released three content updates, without actually fixing all the core game issues ( skills not working, unbalanced classes etc. )