YOU BROKE PHOEBE! What a terrible work you've done!

At the beginning I don’t speak English so if there’s any problem of my writing please don’t mind.
I am a player back to the close technical beta, and i remember i reached 82 in that beta. When i first tried PHOEBE, i like her instantly. Her character design, her skills makes me crazy about her. I only played two characters in beta: marquis and phoebe, and i mastered both of them. When the game launched, of course i unlocked phoebe as soon as i can, but as i used more, i feel so sad and unfair, you guys have done a terrible work with her!!! There are two main points. First her helix, you delete the stun ability of the first level and add a new “silence” ability, which turns out way not useful as it used to be. It’s almost useless and if you see other characters there are too many other stun abilities. Then her next helix, which used to be add some shield after she teleporting, now changed into shield recharging after teleporting. This is so annoying that whenever you want to fall back of the battle, you have nearly no healthy and no shield, you teleport and you die after it, because shield stops charging after being hit, even a little one. It really sucks and sucks way more if compared with what it used to be. The second point is her “ultimate skill”, actually, it’s a GARBAGE skill. It can be disrupted by so many ways and has no effect at all. And unlike other’s skills(e.x rath) can be activitied as soon as you use the skill, so many times i tried to use the skill but just die after it. Besides it deals very little damage as nobody is going into that area after you use it, and if they want they can get out the affected area immediately. So now whenever i reached level 5, instead of feeling excited i feel sad and painful because i get a useless garbage “ultimate” skill that i will probably die if i use it. First i hope my skill is not disrupted by others, then i hope i don’t die when i’m using it, if these happened ever, well, perhaps i hope it deals some damage. By the way im not a bummer or something i can still easily reach 20 kills using phoebe and my average kill per round is about 15 or so WITH OUT USING THE ULTIMATE SKILL! I hope you guys can fix her as soon as possible and balance other characters before it’s too late.

@csof1 i used her in the open beta and she did the same thing she does in the release and to be quite fair i was able to get at least 20 kills per round. Idk how you used her in the beta. But i believe i may be able to help you out. Phoebe needs to be constantly moving which is where her alt fire comes in

I’m a terrible player…but I’m doing pretty decent with Phoebe, so…?

Yup. Highly mobile atk’ing pattern. Stay out of the enemy’s POV and stabby stab em. Haven’t unlocked but one helix so far and it’s meh.

If your reaching that number of kills with these changes then she is fine. She was to powerful before and that is whey they changed her.

Dude… Phoebe is SO strong. She is still amazing, and I am able to get loads of kills with her in btoh PVP and PVE. In the CTT, she was OP af. The stun combined with her damage output was crazy.(Reminds me of someone else… A purple woman, with the UPR or something? Yes, I’m talking to you, Gally.)
I think you should just get used to the way she plays now, and you’ll be fine.


Yeah man, I played her at PAX Prime, closed console beta, PAX East, and the PC open beta, and shes been a steady powerhouse.

See what i said: closed technical beta, it’s like the alpha, not the open beta. And I don’t need anyone to teach me how to use phoebe, i just feel so sad and unfair about her

But if you know galilea you will know what’s the biggest unbalance in this game. She is a defender, she can stun enemies, she can flee whenever she likes, and she can even block1000 damage! That’s hard enough to kill her

Not sure what the problem is… seems she is working as intended. She was for sure broken during the CTT. 15-20 kills per game is great for her; if you’re looking to melt everyone with no contest like before it’s just not going to happen, that was never how she was intended to function.

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Just want you to see the first one is the best I achieved In CTB, second is a random good score i took. I just feel so unfair with her, especially her “ultimate” is totally useless compared to others,even you tell me get the third helix unlocked at rank 12(I’m 14), 50% damage reduction, man, that’s a joke

So, basically, you can’t go 30 and 2 anymore with her, so she’s bad now…

No, she doesn’t need buffed.


she doesn’t need a buff but as a phoebe player her ult is useless

Why is everyone saying that Phoebe’s ultimate is useless? If you get the teleport perk that slows enemies and immediately use the ultimate right after, you get some great damage out of it.


Her ult is fine. Killer dmg in story mode and in competitive you just have to bait players to stay in it. Compare it to other ults and it’s perfectly in line. It’s not burst dmg, but it’s good area dmg. Can be used as area denial. Used in the middle of a group brawl and its devastating.

Kite and fight.

Wait you mean some abilities work better when combined with other abilities? Get outta here…

okay i see your point i guess i was just being stupid

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Phoebe is still ridiculously lethal. You can’t charge an entire team with her and win anymore, I think that’s okay. If you want to charge a 5 man team and win just play Galilea.


A single Phoebe can hold a lane alone in meltdown with her ult. She’s actually super strong in that game mode.

L2p nuff said…