You call this "balanced" combat?

Which part of this is balanced exactly? You literally get healthgated by ONE hit, and you guys go and dare to nerf our equipment? How is this fun? this isn’t fun at all.

I think this is the last BL i buy.

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Sorry, but I don´t agree. UVHM is supposed to be more challenging than normal/TVHM. That´s what makes this game fun for me and probably many others. You may want to consider adjusting your playstyle and skills to the new challenge (e.g. play a bit more defensive and invest skill points in defensive skills). There are already a lot of threads in this forum dealing with how to defeat Deadlift. Try to do the side mission “Tales from Elpis” to get a (shock) sniper rifle as a mission reward from Janey. Homing/longbow tesla grenades usually work wonders against Deadlift´s shield, too. When his shield is down, he´s easy. Last but not least, the more often you go into FFYL the shorter the FFYL-time gets. Try to reach him without going into FFYL before.


See, your problem is that your using those tiny pew pew lasers. Claptraps use big explosions to blow things up like real men. Get the jump on that guy and bust his face with explosiooons.

PS: forgot to turn off BAR, but you get the idea.


you just proved my point, for the game that claims about choice, there is only 1 way to play it, what if i want to use you know GUNS that devs put in the game, what’s the fkn point advertising “billions of guns” if only 2 are effective and only 1 build works? why have 2 trees?

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UVHM is the equivalent of playing the game on “Very Hard” in a more traditional FPS. The early part of the game eases you into the campaign, Deadlift is the first challenge. From here on in the game reflects the true difficulty of the playthrough. And at UVHM, that is pretty difficult. For an ordinary player like me, anyway.

There is a discussion to be had around being able to reach the level cap at the difficulty of your choice but that’s never been a part of the Borderlands game mechanic. High skill levels means high difficulty.

If you don’t enjoy the difficulty level, then don’t play it. In BL2, I had to give up UVHM with Zero because I couldn’t play him without an annoying number of deaths. Much like your experience with Deadlift. Instead, you could start a new character. It may be that a different character’s skills might even help you in UVHM. Watching your “full on” play style, Athena might be fun for you :smile:

I’ve beaten Deadlift a couple of times, solo, at UVHM (Nisha & Athena) but I don’t feel qualified to give advice. You will find much better strategies, on the forum and elsewhere, than I could give. However, I do hope you give him another try and I wish you the best of luck.

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So far, every class can instagib this Deadlift encounter, all using different equipment, so, I can’t quite follow your points here.

Sure, Jack has it slightly easier with survivability, but it really comes down to a solid build and a good combination of (not necessarily legendary) gear.

Here’s how I go for this encounter on every class for a Deadlift kill in under 30 sec:

  • Claptrap: As shown above
  • Athena: A shock shotgun and hail are all you need.
  • Wilhelm: A shock splitter laser and maybe some fire laser, or some shock and fire shotguns.
  • Nisha: Rosie, Tasers, Maggies, all work nicely.
  • Jack: Probably IVF or Tasers or a shock shotgun
  • Aurelia: A droog sniper or the longnail should do just fine.

Hope that helps, and demonstrate that there’s plenty of options.

you saw the video, my point is enemies’ damage does not scale in proportion to our health, in UVHM it’s like the shield is not even there, 1 hit healthgates you, in that game that sprays you with bulletes to have 1 hit almost kill you is not right, i don’t mind enemies have more health, but they should not do as much damage to us as they do, enemy damage/our health is not right.

once again man you’re giving the list of guns to kill him, i don’t need to know which 5 guns out of billion (that this game claims to have) can kill him, i dont want another BL2 UVHM and OP.

Still. You’re complaining that a boss fight in UVHM is hard? Well, the bosses in TPS UVHM hit as hard as regular mobs in BL2 UVHM. In TPS, the regular mobs don’t hit you to healthgate. Not even Aurelia with a weak ass 10k shield and barely 20k health.
As for boss fights, you have learn their attack patterns and weaknesses and come up with a tactic. Just jumping right in front of them and taking all their attacks to the face ain’t gonna work most of the time.

And sure, you can use any gun to fight bosses, but isn’t it obvious that higher rarity guns will work better?

I had a melee claptrap lying around, here’s how I’d fight deadlift with that build. Not my usual approach, but it’s just to show that you can also do the fight with blue gear that’s readily available

In short:
Boss damage in TPS UVHM is pretty high, granted. Not impossibly high though.
Mob damage in TPS UVHM is just right. Badasses pack a mean punch though, but too bad.


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Didn’t watch the entire vid but – if an average gamer like me (and an old lady to boot) can face-roll UVHM with the six different characters, it’s not that hard! BL2 OP8 = hard, though (in my estimation – & for me). Granted, you need knowledge, experience, and good (top?) gear. Sorry for your frustration.

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That frustration, though, doesn’t give anyone the right to ignore the forum rules.

OP, I suggest you go and read them now.

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Op I watched the video and the reason you kept dying wasn’t your gear, it was you. Everytime you walked right past the first jump pad into the center of the map where all the enemies had a terrain advantage on you, then you mostly stood still and shot a beam at far range enemies.

Use that first jump pad and keep moving until you get close, toss grenades, etc…

As far as gear and characters you can use alot, I have 3/6 of them at 60 and they all do well and I use a lot of different gear, you can look at my profile and the posts I made. I think I’ve posted 6 level 60 builds and none of them even use things like the Rosie.

The game is as diverse as you make it.


Most games I play don’t seem “balanced” like you are wanting this game to be. If I face tank enemies in most games pretty quickly I will be making no progress. Even in normal play through modes of most games, if I stand and take sniper or heavy weapon fire to my head, I am going down in just a few shots … maybe less.

There is a big learning curve … to any game … but BL games for sure. A lot of that is learning the enemies and the areas as well as the gear/skills.

There are lots of weapons, but for most of us there are a few “better” gear/skill load outs. There are specific weapons or weapon types/elements that make certain fights much more manageable. That is only unbalanced in the game trying to get you to use the various weapon types.

I will add that, IMO, Deadlift is one of the hardest fights in the game. Every so often somehow I’ll get him on the run and the other scavs haven’t noticed me and seems like a normal fight. Most times however I am very glad to have that fight behind me … and leave there thinking I hate that fight.


this and as someone else said if you roll out to the middle of the floor and just stand there, you will go into FFYL pretty quick. As for Deadlift, IMO he may be almost the toughest Boss in the game, but I could still roll over him, even if he was a couple levels higher then me at the time

I suspect it’s a combination of tactics and build. Charging head first into the fight continuously is obviously the wrong tactic. Use the jump pads and the levels to your advantage so that Deadlift can’t get a clear line of sight on you. He’s going to want to turn on the electric floor. Follow him over to one and blast away when he’s distracted and if things get dicey. Jump pad away and create some space.

I suspect your build is too reliant on Killbot for healthgating which forces you to rely on Clappy’s Action Skill during a boss fight. I wouldn’t ever rely exclusively on that. Also, your shield offers no protection from shock and your health is too low. Try an Adaptive Shield, health stack a little bit with ILYG and give yourself some breathing room.

If you like the Rosie and want to use it, try an ILYG+Fragmented Fragtrap build instead. You aren’t really getting anything out of Boomtrap using that weapon.


I have to say i have three toons i bounce around from. Jack (main) Wilhelm and Athena. So far ive not noticed that im limited to any specific gear set. Im running a Comrade Jack (One of Derch’s many builds) so he is only gear specific in that i run hyperion gear and a Fatale.

My Wilhelm runs a torgue spingun and whatever else is fun. I mean i literally just tank around blowin stuff up. No specific gear at all. (Wolf and Saint do make for stellar back up though).

And my Athena is my least played but so far has not been limited to any gear.

As many others have said. Its a combo of tactics and build. If you just stand there not moving or utilizing your surrounding yea youre screwed. I find myself jumpin all over the darn place. And i do use the butt slam if i can. It helps suprisingly well.

So far no part of this has made me feel gear specific like BL2 did.

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One word for making the Deadlift fight easy: Kala.

Not sure if there are any non-orange shields that provide immunity to shock damage, but if you want to use that playstyle, it makes that fight trivial.

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It is pretty balanced. You’re just not good at the game

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