You can teleport back to base to heal? The game has gotta inform you of that

I just found out you can hold down on the D-Pad in PvP to teleport back to base and fully heal. The game has gotta do a better job of informing you of this stuff.


It’s probably common feature in Moba games ( and I don’t even play moba games )…

But I agree, game should give you some info on this subject…

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yeah… it’s a moba. I have played a lot of moba so it was second nature to push d-pad to tp back to base… maybe that should be in a tutorial?

@brekebrekek Yea almost every MOBA styled game has the option to teleport back to base to heal.

I’ve never played a MOBA before, at least I don’t think so, and so as someone who is new to this style of games, I don’t feel I should be disadvantaged because there isn’t a tutorial explaining this function.

Gearbox are going to pull people new to MOBAs in, just like me, so they should be prepared to explain the mechanics and have a tutorial option avaliable.

One of my frustrations with the game is that there is little to no explanation on how to play. I picked up fairly quickly, although clearly I am still missing some extra gameplay functions. It took me five hours before I realised I could pull the map down!

Now it isn’t super complex or anything, but I still feel like fans of Borderlands who want to experience something new are going to feel disadvantaged without an optional tutorial of some type.

They should definitely advertise this function more. Even if it just an announcement at the beginning of the match.


I agree that there should be a tutorial for the multiplayer modes, maybe a video tutorial that explains aspects of the mode and why they are important, I was just stating that other Mobas have the teleport feature.

I did not know that and it would explain why I get my ass handed to me during certain matches. Seriously, a tutorial would be most welcome so make it happen Gearbox!


I did not know about this. Or the map thing. I’ve played dozens of games as well.
Give us some instructions please :slight_smile:

On PS4 if you press down on the d-pad it should start a teleport. I have had to press it a couple times before to get it to activate and if you move or use and ability it will cancel.

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great idea but please let Tutorial be optional a lot of games do a poor job with them and it can be boring as heck for players that are used to games like this. If you do make it forced please add in humor etc… so it won’t be so boring.

The teleportion is only mentioned (as far as I know) within one of the battle badges. I discovered the feature after roughly 20h playing the game and I guess most people out there dont know of its existence.

I completely agree, I found overall there was a lack of informing players about different controls within the game. As mentioned I too was about 20-30 hours in before I figured it out.

I do agree their should be some form of tutorial to help introduce mechanics such as this to unfamilar players, however at the same time you have to cut them some slack, (no offence) such as not knowing how to pull down the map, not in the sense that one is expected to know how to do this/ it being second nature but… Well one can look at the controls under options, which displays these two functions of course…

Ya I totally didn’t know about this til today when I accidentally clicked it. Thanks for that tutorial guys ;)…