You can use a infinty

Hey some im farming on my gaige and i was stack up anarchy and a have a Neutral Good Necromancer an i said screw lets see if a infinity works an it does its so cool 400 stacks plus bee shild and a infj ity = Op

Cool Beans.

@Its_Peppy: Two options:

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To be fair, 400 stacks of anarchy and a Bee shield will make anything very powerful…if it hits.

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The Infinity does the opposite of work with Anarchy. Even at 150 stacks, the pattern will be too wide to hit anything.

Yea i figured that out after i was farming the bar room so it was just a awesome find

The infinity is over hyped. There are no reasons to use it over an anarchist except in 2 cases:

You play as Zero
You use it when you run out of ammo.

Anarchy Gaige have MUCH better options available.


What Chuck said…

But also gauge and the bee is not needed much because math, unless you are going shock heavy.

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@Chuck80 i dont use it i used it only once i useally farm with a B!tch and some lady fist it was just a cool find and i never use the infinity i was just wondering and im just farming every person who drops a lengendary so yea i got a infinity and then i was messing around so yea.

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