You Can't Die Run

A friend of mine and I were playing this game forever. I mean we started before there was the Psycho and the Mechromancer, much less the Handsome Collection. We played it so much that we were looking for a way to make it interesting again. What we came up with was…

You Can’t Die Run

Basically, if you died the game was over for everyone. Both players needed to delete their characters and all equipment that wasn’t in the Claptrap Secret Stash. We have tried 28 times now and never quite made it.

I have a channel now where I am recording our latest attempt at this, and hope people will come and take a look because I think it’s a exciting way to play the game . Please come check us out, like, share, comment and subscribe!

Thank you for your time and interest

I call those 1Life runs, and have been doing them for quite a while.
Like you, I’ve never quite finished one. I’ve made it to level 57 in UVHM before dying, but not finished sorry in UVHM. NVHM is a breeze, TVHM is a little challenging, but UVHM is really tough, the DOTs get you more often than not. Horrible to make it to level 54, kill a mob, and die to a lingering DOT when there is no one left to revive from.

But very fun, I agree. I have 1Lifed BL1 all the way through both playthroughs, and 1Lifed BL3 at Mayhem 1 through Normal and TVHM.

But UVHM is just tough!


The game is fairly brutal. I have done the main campaign of Destiny 2 without dying, but probably could not even do BL2 on normal due to timing. Even silly things like going out of bounds, or killing the only available enemy as you go into FFYL are things that can trip you up.
Overall, I wonder what a decent K/D ratio is in UVHM? 10, 50, 100, who knows?