You clever girl, Blizzard

They’re having a beta test weekend about halfway through BBs PC and Xbox open beta.

Coincidence, or possible attempt to get people away from BB?


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I’m 98% sure it’s intentional.

“Closed Beta launches… (psst. When is Battleborn launching? May 3rd?) … Launches May 3rd!”

“Uh, boss? The Battleborn beta is going pretty good. There’s some hype”
-“Oh, that again? Just put up a test beta for Overwatch next weekend. problem solved”

Looks like a spoiled kid who wants to hog all the action to me.


True, but it’s still a smart business move on Blizzard’s part as long as it doesn’t blow up their faces.

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They did the same thing during the CTT. I downloaded Overwatch, installed it, played it for an hour or so, realized I could be playing Battleborn instead, closed their game and never looked back.

Not even going to bother this time. Sorry blizzard.


I don’t get it. What does this have to do with BattleBorn?

Pretty sure someone brought this up in a thread somewhere.
Anyhoo~ I will be playing both BB and OW. Little healthy competition never hurt anybody. (Though my favor is with BB currently because of it’s hilarity, diversity and it actually having a story.)

I think that they think people are going to ALL buy battleborn instead of overwatch but these games are not the same at all except that the way they made the characters is similar. Plus blizzard’s game is just pvp and some animated shorts. I was just going to buy both games but the way blizzard is putting out betas trend me away, they actually made me hate their own game!

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Blizzard is organising the Beta Weekend Event now to mess with Battleborn’s Open Beta.

Similar to how they announced their new expansion around the time Guild Wars 2 was released.

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some say clever marketing but they’ve done this more then once to battle-born seems much more douchy now imo. just makes me not want to go near them.

This actually makes me very disappointed in Blizzard. Don’t get me wrong, their games tend to be amazing, but this “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE” attitude they’ve taken towards Battleborn vs Overwatch (stupid comparison in and of itself) is just childish. Shame on you, Blizzard, they’re two different games, they just happen to share a couple similarities. Blizzard’s marketing team is acting like that one kid who doesn’t want anyone else in the sandbox, and it’s shameful.


Well, clearly they feel a little threatened by gbx and BB. Understandably so.


As they should be.

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