You could add some useful artifact prefixes and anointments (improving iron bear gameplay)

just some suggestions for future content

1: i am really turned off by most of the artifact prefixes
i think i am not the only person who just likes to shoot and doesnt really use slide and especially slam, very often. so i am forced to retreat to prefixes like elemental protector or loot expanding. not because i like them very much but simply because there is nothing else that benefits my playstyle at ALL.

how about, adding some effects that work with gun reloading/swapping/shooting, or other static effects, similar to loot expanding. increasing run speed or something like that.

2: anointments are a topic that especially affect moze imo. i think again, i am not the only person who barely uses iron bear because he is just a “hop in, hop out” tool to trigger some effects and thats not really enjoyable. i know, all the class specific anointments are based on the character action skills and moze only has IB but IB is a flawed gamedesign from the beginning if you ask me.
its just not enjoyable to either sit in a mech, not using any of your gear to deal damage or interrupting your gameplay all 20 seconds to activate some skills. imo. the rocketeer classmod should be a default setting and iron bear should always be able to fight by your side as long as he lives ( he doesnt live that long if that sounds concerning for balance) and now that you can actually fight side by side with your bear, also using other class mods like bloodletter, you could give moze a bunch of anointments while iron bear is active, not just increased fire damage…that said, iron bear should get an attack command. He keeps shooting random adds while he should focus bosses.

Iron Bear is actually powerful with the right setup. I suggest staying in the Iron Bear and killing things. The whole “hop in, hop out” mechanic came to be popular because Iron Bear did not scale properly early on, a problem which has been fixed for a while now.

If you haven’t gotten one, I recommend using the Raging Bear class mod. It has the bonus effects while Iron Bear is active which you’re talking about.

The problem about staying in IB is, this is a loot game and a character development game with skilltrees
And all of this becomes irrelevant when you sit in a mech that has it’s own damage and armor calculation
What am I farming weapons for?
You could now say “play an other class”
But I love moze. Not for IB. For her shields, her splash damage, her ammo regeneration. She is awesome. But her action skill becomes similar to gaiges. You keep forgetting to use it at all/don’t bother because the entering and exiting costs too much time in which you can kill enemies.

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I’d like to see an artifact prefix that enhances the fire and shock element, the same way that the atom balm (radiation), flesh melter (corrosion) and ice breaker (cryo) exists.
And also they could bring a lot of the BL2 relics: stockpile, allegiance, bone of the ancients, blood of the ancients, heart of the ancients and many others.
And do something about the slam/melee/slide relics so there’s only a few of them.

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That’s mostly true apart from Iron Bear DOES have skills but you don’t really spec into the blue tree if you’re running a high damage ammo regen build.

The only issue I’ve got is Iron Bear dies far too quickly way before the fuel is exhausted. It’s not as bad as it used to but I wish Iron Bear had 50% more health.

There needs to be way more artefact prefixes. There’s too many slams and slides. To add to build diversity there could be some that add damage for sprinting, being stationary, bigger splash damage radius.

Overall I miss the team enhancement artefacts that help your team’s AS cool down, ammo regen, health regen etc