You did WHAT to Benedict?

This dude hits like a Mack Truck as is, and you make him stronger? Then you work to eliminate his only downfall by giving him more health? Maybe I’m crazy but I think this is going to result in a Benedict in every game. Thoughts?


Yeah, definitely a surprise. I’m not a great Benedict or anything, but I’ve done more damage with him in a match than any other character I’ve played.

Benny still requires a lot of skill and guile to really use. Still slow projectile speed, still small clip, still a slow reload time outside of helixes and gear, still a big hitbox.

His health may have gone up, but he’s still firmly in the category of squishy, what with his hollow bird bones and all.

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve always thought Benedict was under-represented. Most people don’t have the patience/demeanor to get good with him, which is why he may be seen as OP. Those who DID get good with him generally got REALLY good with him. When you see a Benedict, it’s a much more likely chance that the guy at the wheel KNOWS what he’s doing, as opposed to more middle-of-the-road picks like Rath, OM, or what have you.



I agree Ben requires a good bit of practice to land the rockets and master his mobility, but his clip size, DPS, and reload problems can all be completely nullified with one simple trick. I don’t think many peope know this trick as his DPS sky rockets with it and GBX would see that he doesn’t need a buff. Without this trick…90 DPS no big deal, with this trick 200+ DPS…BIG DEAL.

I have to think GBX is giving buffs off of his 90 base DPS without the trick, when almost all “Good” Benedict’s have upped his DPS to 200+ with unlimited clip size and no reloads at all.

To the OP’s point, yes GBX is crazy for this buff. If they gave his hawkeye skill rockets the damage increase as well it’s game over. This is already a 900 or so dmg skill at level 4.

Edit: 15% damage increase is such a big deal on Benedict because his rockets hit so hard. They are easily hitting for 200 at level 1 with non crits. 15% is 30 more damage per rocket (per second) and you can double that with gear. 15% on 90 DPS isn’t that big a deal, 15% on 200+ DPS is pretty huge.

Edit 2: Just with the tracking rockets on Hawkeye getting the bonus damage it’s an extra 90-120 damage on a target at level 1. If the Hawkeye rockets get the bonus you’re talking at least 90 more damage from your Hawkeye rockets at level 4, plus at least an extra 90-120 damage on the tracking rockets that follow. Enemies will no longer be able to escape one shot. They’ve effectively added 200+ damage to a skill that already almost hits for 1000 at level 4 and half of it’s damage requires zero aim.

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The bummer is that I just got a Mag Demon and they changed the effect. What a great item for Benny.

Uhm, is this trick within the rules? I’m not aware of any synergy of items or skills that would give Benedict unlimited clip size with no reloads. I can’t think of ever having seen anyone use it, either.

Is it a PC thing? I’m on console, so weird glitches and hacking and other stuff like that tend to happen a little less often, I suppose.

It’s basically animation clipping (like reload canceling in COD). It’s pretty common knowledge at this point, or so I thought. I play on XB1 and play Benny all the time.

Immediately reload after every shot.

Honestly, I wish they had simply changed the way his launcher works to carry only a single rocket and auto-reload after each shot, then get rid of multi-loader.

But an increase to rocket damage is a very bad idea.

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@Misguided shhhhhhhhh

Edit: @Misguided is right. By reloading after every shot you effectively replace the fire delay with a reload. So at base Benedict’s reload speed is 1/sec and his rockets fire at 1/sec. By shooting and then immediately reloading (basically pressing both buttons at the same time), the reload animation trumps the fire delay animation and you get a 1 second reload/fire animation, instead of a two second animation. This of course allows you to spray rockets without every technically reloading, so unlimited clip.

Ahh, I see.

You shoot, hit reload, the round is instantly credited back to the clip, shoot again interrupting the animation, lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve never tried it, I guess. Seems like the simple fix is just to only credit the round into the clip once the animation completes, or when it’s actually chambered.

did you know there’s another character with a VERY similar technique?

@CharacterIV not exactly. Basically, the reload time and time until you shoot again overlap. If you do it right, you only ever reload one shot at a time. As soon as the reload completes, you can shoot again, giving you effectively an infinite clip size.

Hmmmm Is it a gun based character or melee?

Melee, and as with Benny, it completely changes the feel of the character.

I know of the legend you speak of

I’d have to guess Kelvin, maybe alternating between punches and ground-pounds? Or El Dragon, doing the same with punches and claps?

That’s not what I was thinking, but kind of close. Think B enedict

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B is for Boldur, methinks.

Alternating Axe and Shield in rapid succession? There’s a bit of a “load animation” on the shield as he gets it into place, can that one be interrupted while still providing the benefit?

Yeah I don’t use that one too much but I think the idea is the same. You get more DPS out of axe, shield, axe, shield, etc. until you get some helix options going or attack speed I think.

Scrap that. Reverse it. Hold the shield up and jab with the axe instead of using his entire melee combo. Works very well with the right side helix augment at level three.