You didn't fix it

Please. Just let the AIs in Bot battle count for lore. It’s so stupid that ot doesn’t and nothing is more painful than this

I managed to get several lores done in the last Bot Battle. At least some most definitely did work. Are they just not working this time around?

It’s the BB specific ones Hobbit.

I take it players and AI are recorded differently, so the lores requiring specific kills, don’t acknowledge bot cosplayers as real prey. :wink:

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So things like “Asisst in killing Oscar Mike” doesn’t work, but things like “Kill 10 BB while Airbourne” does… right?

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Right @hanautaBOB that sums it up

How convenient that I don’t need any BB Specific ones… as Long as First Blood does count for Ghalt I could actually go for the Bots into PvP.

Might get those nasty PvP quest going on as well if I’m Lucky.

So far they have counted for neither specific lore nor the new ‘Main Quest’ feature for me.

I cleared of my 3 Incursion wins, Kill xxx Faction BB Kills and Benedicts Mid-Air Kills with Bots Battle.

It should work, as long as you take part on Versus Public Bots Battle it should cou

Sadly, didn’t get my First Blood with Ghalt yet cause most of the Time someome gets killed by A Bot… seing “Caldarius drew First Blood”… what the heck.

Weren’t even Matches with Low CR Ranked Players, but aparently people try hard to get First Blood even if it’s not for the Lore…

Please continue the discussion in the topic below :heart: