You doubled Health Regen so why not Eldrid?

Gearbox, you doubled the healing properties of Healing Gear, so why not double the healing of Eldrid?? 7 HPS is absolutely NOTHING. I’d say actually Triple it. Otherwise it’s useless compared to a shield. Just sayin…


It’s good as it is, there is no need to make Eldrids unkillable.


I think eldrid health regen is fine where it is.

What I wouldn’t mind is if other factions had similar quirks, e.g. LLC characters get a latent 1.4 shards per second.


It was to make the gear more woth it, the Eldrid are already top tierish

Because Boldur.

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They buffed the health regen stat too much anyway imo. Coulda bumped it up by half and that woulda piqued my interest in using them. The Eldrid are all already top tier anyways there base health regen is fine

Now that’s an interesting thought… Might have to make a thread about that concept

Eh, I’d prefer more shield recharge, but good idea

Want it tripled? Use a health regen item, lol! Couldn’t resist :wink:

I never felt they were worth anything until the buff, but i always felt fine with how Eldrid regen was. Kind of an oxymoron, but I didn’t feel the need to use a gear slot for 7hps I suppose.

lol this, that guy is hard enough to kill as it is

Do the other factions get to lose their shields for it also? If not I’m completely against it

The only one that needs it is Kelvin, so giving it to Alani, Thorn, Boldur, and Miko doesn’t make sense.

I don’t think you guys get my point. I’m saying the fact that all the other factions have a shield (AT LEAST 300) is MUCH more valuable than having a mere 7 HPS regen. Even for a level 1 Mellka doesn’t really benefit from it that much. Needs to be more balanced is all I’m saying. There should be SOME advantage to NOT having a shield, and right now it’s small enough to be almost non-existant.

They also typically have an extra 200-300 HP to start with than their counterparts with shields.

Yeah there base stats are still comparable just with the downside of not getting 300 points of uncritability and a shield to recharge. Iverall I think the performance level of the Eldrid make sense since they are all quite strong

Mellka doesn’t have extra base health to compensate for her lack of shield. I honestly think Gearbox didn’t even take her being Eldrid into account when they took her base health down so low. I think she and Thorn should have the same health tbh - be it the low figure or the high one.


Ever since the damage reduction and health regeneration buff, it has been more fun playing as Kelvin with 40% damage reduction and 55-76 HP regeneration per second. I always ran that gear with Kelvin, but I think increasing their passive regen would be overkill at this point. Imagine having a whopping near constant 100 HP per second? Sounds fun, but nnnooo.

Actually only the tanks have more, the others are low average health

Mellka, Miko, and Alani are lower class Eldrid citizens apparently. The should get extra regen to compensate

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Lol 2nd class eldrid sad but I agree with you

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