You doubled Health Regen so why not Eldrid?

No. Just seriously no. Kelvin is the only eldrid that might not become op with a doubling of starting health regeneration. Key word might.
Thorn and Melka are so mobile and flighty they would be incredibly OP with their regeneration even being doubled, and triple regen is a nightmare in itself.
You might think, "oh starting at 21 health regen isn’t so bad."
Add 14 for a health regen gear. Another seven for the “surviving for three minutes”, which is a given, because at that point you have 35hp per second. Now we are at 42. Add to that another two pieces of gear that give seven per second. Easily achievable with purple eldrid gear. Now we are at 56 hp per second.
56 hp per second is more than a Miko can heal at 1 with no gear.
That’s 560 hp in 10 seconds.
This would make Thorn, Melka, Bolder, Miko, Alani, and Kelvin unkillable God tier.
Not to mention the health regen some of them can add to that with helix choices, and the self sustain Boldur, Alani, and Miko have.
Also, bonus points if one of your purple eldrid gear choices is the rejuvenating ekkuni scalemail. 56hp per second and 8.4% damage reduction for the win.
The health regen boost on gear was a bit too much. I personally think it was a tad low before, and a small increase would have been good, but now characters can gain way to much health regen from gear. I feel a 25-50% increase would have been a better starting point. Not 100%
I predict they will later nerf it to lower than it originally started at, or slightly higher than it started at. Hopefully the latter.


With gear now, Eldrids are rather freaking scary to kill. The Tanks (Kelvin + Boldur are beastly damage soakers), Miko and Alani can self-heal which makes them kinda beefy IF you go that route. Then Melka and Thorn are very mobile and hard to hit AND annoying to kill as is.

Fun Fact: Level 5 Attikus can give an Eldrid a run for their money, lol.

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Yeah, because +7 hp/sec is something OP :grinning:

If they up Eldrid regen it only better be by a few points and if so they need to drop the gear itself an equivalent amount. It’s the only scenario I could see. As it stands now an Eldrid could start at 21 regen which is pretty damn close to whiskeys amazing level 5 helix. Arguably better since you don’t need to do anything to proc it

The gear is for everyone, not for Eldrid only.

Whiskey is a ranged assassin, you can’t compare stats of characters with different roles. Because otherwise - why Whiskey but not Attikus, for example?

The syringes didn’t need to be doubled in potency anyway. If they brought up the base star to 10 I woulda been fine but doubling it? Was a bit much. All I am saying is that Eldrid base regen needs to stay the same. If they buff it up I would prefer to see the syringes brought down to keep Eldrid in line a bit.

I was comparing whiskey because the numbers are rather close. That a level 5 helix that is amazing on one character can be really close to efficacy(if not better) on 6 other characters by using 1 piece of gear

He was saying “7 HPS is absolutely NOTHING. I’d say actually Triple it.”, so yeah, it is something OP. But nice reading skills tho, gj!

My reading skills are OK. It’s not my fault you didn’t quote the actual phrase you were replying to.

Cool idea. What passive would rogue have though?

Faster base teleportation? Shard stealing? Faster shield recharge delay?

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Shard Steal when getting hit with a skill! Man, that would make a lot of things more interesting.

Movement speed when collecting pickups!


That’s a good one too!

Yeah! I was thinking how to incorporate movement speed but knew base would just make them faster and not be noticeable, but this is a great idea

Eldrid regen is totally fine. If I had the option of removing the 300 shield on my non-eldrid characters in favour of higher health and a permanent 7hp/s, I would take it every time. Health regen is God.

You do realize not all eldrid get extra health right? Also regen will not save you from burst or sustained damage like max health will so I fail to see it as god. If I could give some of my eldrid a 300 strength 60 recharge crit stopping shield and give up 7hps regen I would take it in an instant


They get more health than you would have if they had a shield.

I find health regen unbelievably useful. In 170hrs I have returned to base a grand total of… 5 times. The ability to stay in the fight indefinitely without relying on a support/needing to teleport/running for a health station is so much more useful than being able to mitigate 300 damage every 10 seconds (takes 10 seconds for a shield to recharge by default). I have had health regen on every character that can’t self-heal since the game launched. Now that it’s doubled it’s even better. Being at full health reliably has saved me from a lot more deaths than an extra 300 hit points when at full health.

Anyway, it’s all individual play style. My point is that regen is definitely useful/very good as it is, and does not need to be improved on eldrid because of this.


Hiding behind cover while waiting for health to regen still takes you out of the fight and don’t see a difference between that or just teleporting back.
My point is some Eldrid don’t actually have the extra base health and it would help those. I never said regen wasn’t useful and could see it being increased for those
7hps isn’t good though which is why I never ran the regen gear before it was buffed. Max health was just better by far on lower health chars

That would be horrifically broken.

Pardon me, but o your opinion on regen gear may I ask a few questions so I can better understand your perspective? How much regen do you go for? Because I typically go “all in” I’m essentially a level 1 supply station at all times. And to do that I just need 2 items