You going for Co-Op or PVP or a bit of both on the beta?

Just interested in what people are going for when they are picking this game up or going to play this game. I love co-op games after watching some developer videos on you tube that is making PVP looks good as well. Also who you gona be playing with the most out of the character roster.

Looking forward to April 8 to April 18 :grinning:

PvE to get the characters I like faster, some items and maybe the back story of someone i really like but on the long run only PvP has a replay value for me.

For he characters I cant tell that exactly, I somehow always end up with those I found to be the uncoolest at first look, so probably LLC heroes.

Co-op first, then PvP. I wanna get my hands on ISIC before I do anything.

Co-op then PvP. I want to unlock certain Heroes first, practice with some of them in PvE, maybe level them up a bit to get certain mutators, THEN PvP.

I might squeeze in PvP matches here and there as well if people I’m playing with want me to. But if I’m alone I’ll probably do Story/PvE mainly.

I’m going to try to get through some of the coop with my gaming buddies. But then it’s all non-stop PvP smashing goodness!

And I’ll be playing Montana to do it. Maybe Mico if they need support.

Probably won’t be able to get any of my friends to buy the game, but I’ll still be playing the story mode first to rank my characters up (and unlock Kleese) before going into PVP.

Gonna try out the story solo first, then co-op

I’ll try co-op first then PvP. See what happens! :slight_smile:

Going straight into PvP with Oscar Mike to get a feel for how the game works using a pretty simple character that functions a lot like standard fps which I have played. Will probably play through the missions a couple times, but will mostly wait till the full game to actually get into the higher difficulties and stuff.

I’ll do PvE first, see if I can unlock a thing or two (and hopefully play with some friends if I manage to convince them). Then I’ll just right back into PvP. I look forward to trying the new map/mode :smiley:

The best answer I have is yes. All of it.

Gonna try to team up with some buddies to do both co-op and pvp! I was never a big pvp fan before but the CTT got me hooked.

I divided my time fairly evenly between the two in the technical test, and most likely will do the same for the beta. Sadly I will be visiting family in Michigan during most of the beta, but I did buy a new gaming laptop earlier this year with a Geforce 970M, so I should have an OK experience.

Well, I’m going to do the story with my other half. Definitely. Online…anything goes, I don’t take it too seriously, so I hope to bump into some of you (on pc)

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