You got the blues! (Original Game)

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This is a revival of the infamous thread on the old forums. Feel free to post all blue level(or lower) right here for all the world to see! I’ll get the ball rolling with this one:

Lootology 101 BL1 (Original and Remaster) Edition
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(Beef Supreme) #3

I got your back Stouty! Found this last nite. My first combat rifle over 600 damage!

(Borderbutts Master) #4

IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THAT EXACT GUN FOR AGES! holy tits that is some nice blueage. Congrats man!

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(Berserker) #5

That is a beast of a Stomper, nice find.

(King Duff) #6

I feel like this was actually a pretty beastly find.

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(Beef Supreme) #8

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(Borderbutts Master) #9

Dat jakobs!

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(Borderbutts Master) #10

double post because reasons.

Green is going to be used toward my green only kill with roland… eventually. Just need some more gear to go with it.

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(Borderbutts Master) #11

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(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #12

From a bandit in Nine Toes’ area.

(AceGoober) #13

A few Blues picked-up while leveling up my Brick and Mord.

(Beef Supreme) #14

Found these 2 last nite.

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(Borderbutts Master) #15

Not bad, not bad at all.

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(Beef Supreme) #16

As far as blues go…

(Beef Supreme) #17

Double penetrators warrant a double post

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(AceGoober) #18

Mat 2 Penetrator is extremely rare. Great find! :smile:

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(Beef Supreme) #19

Yes please!

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