You got the blues! (Original Game)

How could someone not? You’ve had that avatar forever and it gives it away. Lol. By the way, I am right about this, right?

I’ve realized that I’ve said this for so long, but I’m beginning to second guess myself because I never hear anyone else mention it. I want to make sure the memory isn’t shot and I’m not deluding myself lol. I’m almost positive this was confirmed a long time ago, but I don’t remember where. If I’ve clung to a superstitious placebo effect for this long whenever I find an Eridian on Lilith or a Sniper on Mord, I’m going to smack myself. Very hard.

That makes sense. I’ve noticed that certain manufacturers pop up all the time, while others don’t. Lucky for me, most of the items I want are Maliwan or at least somewhat more common than others. But it’s going to take a while to find my Bessie, Aries, and Rose. Another thing, can level 69 grenades spawn? I want my maxed Transfusion but all I’m seeing are 68’s. This game has some weird gimmicks with gear and levels (Aren’t some Vladof AR’s locked to level 11 and can’t spawn any other level?) so I always have to double check. Also, to keep this on topic, blue item of the day:

Read this, praise @MeltintheSun, and then praise him again.

And yeah, I’ve heard it before too, and on one of his conclusion posts or by checking the tables you can tell some slight bonuses.


You can find level 69 grenade mods from the item of the day in ammo vendors as long as you’ve completed playthrough 2 and everything is scaling to your level. No idea what you’re referring to with the Vladof machine guns, though. Good luck with that Bessie and Aries! They’re on the rarer side for Pearls, but a Rose isn’t too hard to come by. Shields have fewer parts which seems to result in a lot better quality ones, too. If you want to know whether somethin’ is worth keepin’, is a great 'site to use. (I don’t know if you noticed the other sections when I linked it the other day.)

If you’re serious about wanting to learn more, though, I could drop you a bunch of links that have been around for many years. It’s a lot to process in the beginning, but once you get it, it clicks forever. For someone that’s not familiar with any of it, the easiest way is to remember the best prefixes and numbers on guns. For revolvers you want to see AX10 or AX300, SMGs should be HX530, 130, or 330 for elementals, combat rifles should be AR520, etc. Understanding the exceptions like legendary prefixes, what part affects what stat, how to recognize the parts, and knowing what drops ‘x’ weapon should be worried about later.

@billthebetta: Glad I haven’t lost my mind. Great thread, too.

Yeah, I would love to get the loot system down. I’m a big fan of understanding mechanics in games, I could tell you all the weapon parts in BL2 and the stats they affect/how they interact, I want to get that level of competence with the original in the series, which has (to my mind, anyway) a much better designed and more interesting loot system. I don’t know much about Borderlands prefixes (660 on COMs is about as far as it goes) but I am certainly interested. Out of curiousity, what does “AX10” mean when I see it? My current Masher is “AX1”, and my Hellfire is 440, does that number have something to do with the Tech pool? (Another concept I kind of understand, but want to learn more)

Sure thing! I’m going to finish making dinner and then I’ll drop a big post with links below. Glad to hear that someone else is interested in the original. It’s not often that we get BL2 converts that stick around…

Alrighty, back now. First and foremost, I’m going to summarize a lot for simplicity. The links I post (at least the ones I can still find and remember) should cover just about everything. Also, I don’t really know anything about Borderlands: 2 so I won’t be able to use any comparisons or reference mechanics that are in both.

The prefixes and numbers represent the parts of the gun. Every weapon type is different, but the parts consist of the body, barrell, magazine, stock, accessory, action, sight, grip, material, and so on. Every part affects the stats of the weapon in some way and not all of them are observable on the gun card. For example, a stock doesn’t change any visible numbers but it does affect the recoil reduction, reload speeds, and draw/unequip speed.

For easy math and understanding until you go over these links, suppose every weapon type has 5 different variants of each part. With part 1 generally being the worst and the higher-rarity part 5 being the best. The Revolver bodies are RV, DL, MAL, KLR, and AX. AX offers the best stats across the board so you should aim for that on every revolver. The first sequence of letters are always going to represent the body on a gun. The numbers following that tell you the stock and magazine in most cases. For a revolver, you want the AX body with either a stockless ‘10’ variant for faster reload speeds or a ‘300’ for the best stock and recoil reduction. So, where do the rest of the stats come from? Barrel, magazine, and material. For parts like these where they are often unidentifiable by anything in the prefix/title of the gun, you’ll have to memorize what they look like and what they affect. For example, barrel 4 offers the highest damage on a revolver while barrel 5 offers the next-highest damage with more accuracy. You can usually determine the magazine by, you guessed it, how many rounds you have in said weapon.

Materials affect pretty much every stat across the board and are usually identifiable by a single letter or word after all of the other stuff. Every manufacturer has a different letter or prefix, too. The best variant of a Maliwan revolver will read as AX300 C, with C representing Maliwan’s best material. Tediore would read as AX300 B, and so on. Some manufacturers have multiple materials that are viable like Jakobs and Hyperion. To make things a real pain in the ass, Atlas doesn’t even have anything that indicates what material it is aside from mat’ 3 having the ‘Pearl’ prefix. For cases like this, you again have to memorize what the appearance of each material looks like. I’ll try to digress a little bit here so you don’t get too confused already. The links I post will clarify a lot.

Your Hellfire reads as 440 because it has stock 4 and magazine 4. Not bad, but 530 is preferred because stock 5 offers better recoil reduction and magazine 3 has a much faster reload speed. The ‘HX’ represents the best body for an SMG with HX530 C being best because it’d have Maliwan’s best material again.

For a general rule of thumb, here’s what you want to see on each weapon type. I’ve left out the materials because it varies by manufacturer.
Revolver: AX10 or AX300
Repeater: HRD.5 or TK.5
Machine Pistol: TMP8
Combat Rifle: AR520
Machine Gun: AR590
SMG: HX530 or HX130
Semi-Auto Sniper: PPZ1270 or PPZ570
Bolt-Action Sniper: DVL590 or VRR 550
Combat Shotgun: ZPR1200 or ZPR15
Semi-Auto (Assault) Shotgun: ZPR43 or ZPR630
Rocket Launcher: RWL760 or RWL770

Trust me when I say it is a thousand times easier to familiarize yourself with these ‘presets’, so-to-speak. Remember what to look for and when something catches your eye, then you can step back and start breaking it down one part at a time. Double check the material, then check to see if it has the barrel you want and the damage that corresponds with it, check the accessory, check the action on repeaters, etc. A very easy way to do this is to use that 'site I linked and then compare to the best possible variant. If you notice something is off but aren’t sure why, open up the GearCalc and toy around with the parts until you figure out what it’s missing.

Now to complicate things and toss in a few other random things of note:

  • Legendaries are determined by one individual part that is unique to that weapon and some behave drammatically different. An Unforgiven gets that title because of its barrel. Some legendaries like the Tediore Savior have a part that completely changes the numbers and prefixes you’re used to seeing. A perfect Savior would read as SV530 B instead of HX530 B because it has a different body. The same can be said about the Tediore Defender appearing as DEF1200 B and the Dahl Raven as AR780 instead of AR520 because of its legendary magazine, etc.

  • Every weapon has a rarity and every enemy, chest, and boss in the game has a drop/loot pool. We call it an awesome level in this game 'cause we’re awesome like that? (Stupid, I know.) Basically all you need to know about this is that some enemies can only drop items up to a certain rarity. Want to get a perfect legendary out of a white chest? It’s not gonna happen.

This thread breaks down what they all do: The Definitive Ultimate Red Text Bonus List *Spoilers*

Good read about the awesome level: Awesome Level - Testing and Discussion

Here’s a GearCalc of what your Hellfire might look like:

And fml… Guys, have we seriously lost the rest of the Part Spotters Guide?

That guide is the most important thread in the existence of Borderlands and it’s going to be damn-near impossible for you to put everything I just said together without referring to that. Sigh. I’ll see what I can find and work out. If not, I can break down each weapon type on an individual basis.

By the way, do you play on 360? I’d be fine with explaining everything in-game if you ever wanted to hop on. It’d probably be much easier that way. Anyway, I hope that covered some of it for the time being.


Oh, another quick question about mechanics. How does Fire Rate work? In Borderlands 2, it is tied to FPS, and has certain “breaking points” which get more spaced out as you increase fire rates. As such, there is a soft cap at 15 and then the next break point is 30, which is nearly impossible to achieve. Is it a similar system in Borderlands? Because I see a lot of AR’s with fire rate 15 so I’m curious

Ok, very helpful. Also incredible, because my hellfire looks just like that, give or take less than 2 percent on the accuracy and with just a bit more damage. If this is what you can achieve by knowing the prefixes, I will definitely be working on memorizing everything I can. Thank you for you help! But now I need to find me that perfect hellfire you mentioned

Rate of fire is tied to the manufacturer, material, and accessory/action in this game. The weapon type obviously matters, too. But nope, no sorcery like that at work here.

The elemental tech pool is something that I admittedly have never even bothered to research. The way it works in this game is a nightmare to test. (We all love you, Scottes.) To make it somewhat simple, a lot of the parts make up the tech pool in a weapon. More tech pool = more PROCs (elemental shots/effects) before having to regenerate. The x1/x2/x3/x4 you see on a weapon determines how powerful and large that burst of fire from your Hellfire will be. Anything regarding how damage over time works is beyond me. Like I referenced a few posts back, though, there are some exceptions and preferences with what constitutes a perfect weapon. While HX530 or PPZ570 is usually the best in most cases, some people might prefer a HX330 or PPZ370 because stock 3 on those weapons (semi-auto sniper and smg) add a little bit more tech.

Open up that link and change the barrel to 4 and mess around with the material to 1 or 2 depending on whether you have the letter C, B or nothing on yours. There’s your gun. :wink: Only thing that sucks is GearCalc only displaying weapons up to the old level cap’ of 61.

Glad I could be of some help despite that thread not being alive anymore. There is a lot more I feel the need to clarify, but I could probably just answer any other questions as you have them. I’m sure everyone else around here would be willing to help too.

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you don’t have to drop them on the ground. just unequip them so its in your backpack and not in any of your weapon slots. that will show true level as well as true value $. :acmaffirmative:


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Not really that great but it was a pretty cool crimson shorty drop…


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And this I was just kinda surprised it wasn’t a blue.

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Wow, at level 69 too…where did that penetrator drop? Pretty sure that’s the worst possible!

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Crimson Shorty

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