You got the blues!

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Yeah totally for a blue build especially you would have a hard time finding a better repeater.

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I wasn’t sure where to put this one…it’s a beastly blue mat2 smexy mag3 lol

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Now there is something you do not see everyday…a blue hx body anarchy.I imagine every other part had to be what it is

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I may have posted this one before…I do not remember and have not the energy to look. Anyway…this one’s for you technikal. You posted that crazy good torgue blue stinger and I wanted to dig this one up, which I believe is my all around best blue smg. Cheers

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I suffer from the same. Which thread should I put it in?! :sweat_smile:

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Blue thread I think is actually my fav. To me it’s all about knowing how to “budget” a gun and still pay the bills, so to speak. You’ve only got X amount of rarity points to spend…what combination of parts is gonna get it done? It requires a more intimate knowledge (borderline elitist) of the game to know what will work and what won’t. I find this more engaging than just using the closest thing to a grail in your pack all the time. Just a thought

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I figured it out. Why gearbox programmed barrel0 into this game. It was right in front of me the whole time. Instead of all this time and energy to make a blue or green handicap build for more difficulty, just do a barrel0 build. Boom…game much harder. Damn u smart gearbox

I’ll start with this one.

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pound for pound these Dahl zpr15s are some of the best blue weapons I’ve used. Fast enough to double tap, reloads in a blink, and being Dahl still has good RR. They come in matador flavor too :wink:

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check out the stats on that hyperion swatter man. Impressive. And that sniper harpoon will burn down bandit camps from a mile away

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damn double damnnnnnn I guess I’m gonna just go strait to a green build. These blues are just crazy

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teddy two-tone somebody stop me lol

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(Extra letters because apparantly i can’t respond with just no.)

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Whoo, Gambles! They’re pretty bad, but I like them. Really fun to get a solid crit with them, huge numbers.

A good mag, body and scope. Not too shabby.

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tediore is not twisted