You got the blues!

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check out those zx’s. Those will do some work. I already tried the Dahl out on a Lance station and It just mowed. One shotted half of them. And I think I might have found my go to blue nonE smg…that sexy hypo. And I believe thats the highest cap blue shield I’ve ever seen. I have too much fun with blues…also… tourge might not make the best guns but IMO they do make the best green guns. Actually you know what? A level 69 hx130 steel anarchy with sight5 would be the best gun in borderlands. Fight me. Lol Dracos aren’t really blue but that is one of the better light orange ones I’ve seen

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absoblutely bluetal…also

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more bluetality crazy good green smg. Not twisted actually this green smg blows the dahl away

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not twisted. What u guys think about splitting the greens to a separate thread?

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I think it’s covered. Guns that are really good for their limited rarity cap.

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Holy old quote batman.

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Word. I agree with that. Just everyone stop posting dracos and penetrators. :wink:

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it even has the good 6mag.

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