You got the blues!

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Wth that tourge stinger is like…unfair for a blue. Brutal

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I can’t even get good green guns at the right level hahaha. Seriously tho that’s like the best green smg ive ever seen

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That’s quite the green jakobs sniper lol.

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That would kill craw easy…nice sniper @technikal

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If only Bessie shows with this parts…

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Yeah right we can dream…

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I only have my crappy one and looking through the threads over the years…

any Bessie that doesn’t have GGN and/or barrel1/2 is a win in my book.

Man, that’s depressing to think about. I should just start thinking of GGN like I think about Jakobs mat1, a balanced middle-of-the-road part. BUT I CAN’T.

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Yep, I hate GGN as well, posted today in item fail topic GGN 550 barrel 5, no acc, lvl 68 and tested, cant even one shot lance pyro or chemical trooper so there is no reason to use it.

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It’s the same with blr repeaters. Really there like right between tk and hrd. But SCREW that hehe

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Eh I guess. Since TK and HRD go deep in the opposite directions BLR is a middle-body, but I can’t get myself excited for a body whose only modifier is -8% damage.

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