You got the blues!

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you could do a lot worse for a green shotgun

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That could been the best blue anarchy I have seen if it was hx body.

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I’ve never seen a blue torgue hx anarchy. Only a couple tediores. I was thinking maybe the torgue material (which is actually what decides what brand it is ) had a bit more rarity itself than tediores. It’s still a hell of a gun tho. I just took it thru a couple outposts

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Now I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think that’s the stage the manufacturer is selected in the item generation process. I could more understand grip, since there is one per manufacturer, but setting up the open pool of available parts to be… 21, for all 9 standard manufacturers. Seems messy compared to most parts that pool up to 5.

As far as I know, this is the selection order we know of.

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Here’s a thought…idt that torgue I found would still be blue if it was hx…I remembered this tediore anarchy that I posted in fail a few days ago…it’s a mat 1 hx 130 with barrel2 and no scope and it’s purple. The same gun you proposed but tediore instead of torgue. So I suppose mag3 is what pushes it over

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I wonder if that gun would be ×3 if it was mat3 and sight3.

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Pretty sure dahl doesn’t get any tech bonus from material. Unless it changed the title perhaps. Idk do cobras get more? Idr if CR scopes have any either

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Nevermind, for a second I thought that was barrel3.

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It is barrel3