You got your wish. Alani has now been nerfed into the ground

Reduced the damage of Alani’s Torrent primary attack by 18% (64 to 52 at Level 1).
Reduced the damage of Alani’s Riptide by 55% (75 to 42 at Level 1).
Reduced the damage of Alani’s level 4 Mutation, Wave Shock by 33% (81 to 54 at Level 1).
Reduced the distance Alani’s Torrent projectiles travel by 20%.

This is of course AFTER the nearly 1/3 health nerf they already hit her with. She’s officially the new Ambra…another character that hardly anyone will be using. Can’t wait to see what people complain about now.


Get ready for the rise of mikos…again.

RIP Alani


The onlything that ever made me mad was her geysers radius. I’ve been cast into a bubble while well outside of the visual radius. Ive also seen it grab 2 people at once when they were a decent distance from it.

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Holy crap! Her primary attack damage was 64, and now its only 52? Isn’t Isic’s something like 20, and he is supposed to be a frickin’ tank?


lol, right?

Id seriously wish they just take him out of the game. Cause no one likes a straight healer, no one. At least the other support characters have other utilities.

Miko is such a friggin nuisance, he allows whatever team he is on to keep attacking relentlessly with no break.

Alani could never do that, but lets nerf her.


So, Alani got a HUUUUUUUGE nerf!

Is everyone happy? What are your thoughts? Does this open the gates for new characters?

I’m happy with it. Think it will be enough. Still think she’ll be top tier support. Just not top tier support/pusher/attacker/everything.


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Not a fan of the range reduction at all, especially with the lower health pool, but I guess I will learn to live with it. If I could revert one thing it would be that.

I’m shocked they didn’t touch her rank 3 helixes, honestly. I truly feel a lot of her OPness comes from there.

The damage reduction to base riptide is so trivial I don’t see why it was done. The reduction to the DoT is…interesting. I’d rather they had left that alone and made changes elsewhere, but I’ll have to see how it works in practice. While Alani isn’t supposed to be a pusher, and I get that, this could make it very tough to kill minion waves in situations where you have to. Maybe that’s as it should be, I don’t know.

I still think the damage amplification on geyser is absurd and doesn’t belong in her kit, but that was left untouched.

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I’m really not sure where they’re trying to go with Alani.

“Oh hey, you’re a healer…but you have to fight to build your heal power so you’re also a warrior but we’re making your attacks weaker…and making them go a shorter distance so, uh…GOOD LUCK!”



She still has great self heals, burst heals, cc, etc. AND that damage is pretty in line with everyone else now.

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Unless she has full osmosis, her self heal is garbage. I think her starting self heal is around 50hp. So to build osmosis for a strong heal, she needs to land around 9 hits with torrent…which they just reduced the distance on. So she’ll need to go even deeper into the battlefield just to build up enough osmosis to…heal herself…for having to go so deep into the battlefield in the first place.

Makes literally zero sense.


That’s not a good attitude to have, as far as balance goes.

They aught to just make him heal less at base level, reduce biosynthesis’s extra healing effect from 35% to 25%, and change his legendary so it’s 25% of dagger damage dealt added to the next healing pulse. Also, to put a maximum cap on it.

This is great. Now you actually have to know how to use Alani to be good with her, and she will have to support more to be effective.

I’m sure people will over react about this though, just as they have with Ambra (who is still REALLY GOOD). She still has her death bubble, she just needs more help to actually kill. Im sure shell still be good. At least I won’t have to see Alani every single game now.


I haven’t played her since they nerfed her health by 1/3, but I feel they over nerfed her damage. She’s a combat medic. She heals AND ATTACKS. I can’t say with any 100% certainty, but this feels like it way a couple steps too far. Nerfing her basic attack damage? Totally cool with a bit of that. Nerf skills damage? A little would have been fine, but 55% seems like overkill. The range of her basic attack? No, not okay with that at all considering she’s now one of the squishiest characters in game and NEEDS the range in order to survive.
I get that she was still a tad OP, but now she has almost no way to have multiple playstyles which is extremely disappointing. We keep nerfing characters to the extreme and missions are going to be impossible especially if they’re randoms.

So I was really hoping they were going to give her back her health since they stated it was a “placeholder” and since they didn’t this nerf hit her kind of hard…the only nerf I don’t like is the 20% torrent travel. Thats a really dumb change. I feel like now I have to be even closer to get osmosis and since they didn’t give her health back its going to be even harder lol Other than that she fine, they didn’t target her healing which is really good.


Well idk about anyone else, but I have been MURDERING people with melee characters now XD I am talking 25 kill games with Phoebe, Rath and Galilea. She is so easy to kill now it’s not even funny. Miko is the only healer in the game at this point lol

Alani is useless now. It sucks, but hey. It’s what the community wanted. Now rise melee characters! Kill without fear of Alani!


If someone uses Alani now, trust me they won’t be healing anyone else on the team. Unless you have a Miko, assume you have no healer. If they really wanted to push Alani more towards a team support/healer they would have reduced damage of torrent more and INCREASED the distance so she can still get osmosis to heal others. The torrent distance reduction makes literally no sense when that’s how she builds her healing power.


I thought they would hit death bubble too, but I see the direction theyre going. They want her to be a good setup charter for the rest of her team rather than being a one woman wrecking crew. The AoE riptide definitely needed a nerf as this was responsible for a good Chunk of her dps.

An all DPS alani is going to be pretty meh now. I think the people that played her that way before are just going to drop her, just as they did with Ambra. Now only the people that want to play her as a support will find success, just as with Ambra.