You got your wish. Alani has now been nerfed into the ground


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I’m not reading the forum rules, this is the internet where I have the freedom to post what I want, regardless of your ‘rules’, you wanna ban me? Do it. Gearbox games are way more offensive and vulgar than any comment I’ve seen on any of these threads, a bit hypocritical don’t you think?

Happy to oblige. Bye.

Yes, you are free to say whatever you want. If you breach the rules in doing so, there are consequences.


I am very sorry. You are wrong on so many points which Xelaris96 pointed out eloquently. Alani is a fantastic character still even after the health nerf. I still heal entire groups with no issue and the CC is top shelf. Her damage is perfectly fine for a support character. Learn to play her my friend…i constantly outheal ambra and miko on same team. I give her Song of Valor, Firmware Upgrade ISIC, and a heal booster rare and she is a beast! replace song of valor with the vest that gives 2.50 health per stack (max stack 100) and you have the hitpoints you could ever want. Have fun…

I’m sorry, but as an Alani player if I want to go into a pvp match as a damage dealer I feel that I should have that option. It is pvp, the object is to kill before you are killed. If Alani’s stats are dropped for people in pvp matches, her stats are dropped in story mode as well. Not everyone likes playing pvp, which is a reason am still playing Battleborn and not what seems to be the more popular offering from Blizzard. If this trend of nerfing characters to suit people that get butthurt is going to continue, I think I will find another game to play.

Why would you play a character, whose role is healing/cc, as a damage dealer? Characters that are good at healing (if they can heal themselves) AND damage have an unfair advantage over others, and I’m sure you’re smart enough to see this. Sure, certain characters have helix options to heal some after a kill, or after doing damage, but that still requires choosing it over some other, potentially more useful helix. It’s not the same.

No.You’re talking about T/DM, a mode which BB does not have. The objective is to guard your sentries, capture control points, or leading your minions to the scoreboard depending on your chosen mode. Killing other players is a secondary objective.
Also, on a sidenote, even if a TDM mode existed, healing your teammates would ensure they stayed alive and that the enemy did not get points for killing them. Win-win.

While I agree with this in principle, Alani deserved the nerf. Her power fit her backstory, absolutely, but not so much within the confines of PvP. The number of healers is low, with Miko seemingly being the only viable option at the time, and until its ultimate, it can only heal one character at a time. Alani could’ve been able to heal more people for less amounts to serve the same purpose in a different way.

Alani has to be a damage dealer in order to heal. That’s the way she’s designed. The cool thing about the way her kit is set up is that you can spec for damage and still be a decent healer (and attack speed makes her a better healer). Now, if you have an Alani sitting at max osmosis and ignoring a teammate that could use a heal, that’s simply not a good team player.

But trying to separate Alani into being a damage dealer or a healer is kind of silly. She’s both inherently.

I can land Ambra’s sunspots for a direct hit with that “touch a sunspot and get hurt” helix with ease. Hell the times I do miss they walk into it accidentally because they back into it or clip it. Aoe skills are easy if you know how to lead them or just hit them in an area they can’t see.

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Yeah, can people stop saying geyser is hard to land? It works the same as Orendi’s shadowfire pillar with a slightly wider range.

Orendi’s has a bigger tell since it darker, flashier and is a pillar.

Alani’s …thing is that in double support comps you lack the firepower of 1 support or no support comp so it can be used against you.However, Alani is crazy good in a double support comp because she has good damage and like top 3 cc in the game so she can make up for the damage and cc deficit typical in a double support comp and still output heals on a good interval.

Ambra on the other hand as the fiery opposite when in double support comp you’d expect she’d do well to but until she gets her legendary, and hits level 7 mutation with the fireball she’s basically meh as the offensive or healing/defense support part of a duo support comp since her heals and pre-7 offense are pretty lame to put it lightly.

[quote=“Misguided, post:154, topic:1516469”]
Alani has to be a damage dealer in order to heal. That’s the way she’s designed.[/quote]

I get the idea behind it, but she needs to/should be more focused on the actual healing than dishing out damage. Whether the nerf actually did that and Alani-players just haven’t noticed yet I don’t know though.

I’ve met one or two Miko players who didn’t care to heal, but on the other hand I’ve only met one or two Alani players who cared to heal. She was too strong and could keep herself and any teammate who got in the way alive, but dedicated healing was not one of her strong points.

I’m saying this as a player who mains Miko but decided to go for other BBs when Alani came out, only to feel forced to go back to get any kind of survivability back for the rest of the team.

I’ve pointed it out before but I think it’s worth restating. If anything, the nerfs have made Alani MORE likely to just heal herself and LESS likely to heal the rest of the team. She has to go deeper into the battle to gain osmosis stacks for her heal and because she’s ridiculously slow, by the time she retreats she’ so damaged that she’ll very likely need to use her stacks on herself.

You weren’t there man, you weren’t there… I had a match against a team or Rath, Montana, Oscar Mike, and an Alani who was best buds with Miko. That was brutal. Absolutely brutal.

On a serious note, maybe they should nerf her damage but change the way osmosis builds so she’s more useful as a healer?

This is just me, but I love playing Alani on a team with a Miko. I can make sure and heal Miko if needed and help rescue someone getting focused or if Miko has another priority. Alani is not a great primary healer, IMO, but a solid supplemental one, and their strong control and other things they bring to the table allow for 2 supports without screwing up team comp.

Holy schnikey I looked at the profile of the gentlemen who asked for a ban. April 6 2290 he is outta here.

I mean you can say what you want on the Internet but the guy made an account on Gearboxes forums so he agreed to their terms on here by making that account.

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Damn, they dropped aaaaaaall the ban hammers. I bet they had to re order after that.

I’m more than happy to discuss moderator stuff via pm, so: back on topic.


She’s in the perfect spot right now that they nerfed her damage. No more nerfs to get please. And cm on guys a support isn’t supposed to be able to immense amounts of damage. I shouldn’t be scared to approach an alani or miko, supports are meant to be defenseless and protected by there teammates

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I think it’s more people just have to get their feet wet with the character :wink: ( see what I did there? :smiley: ) lately I’ve been finding better and better alani players. Yeah the first few games are gonna be tough because you were use to fighting alone but now you have to depend on your team not the other way around. She’s definitely not as strong as she use to be but she’s still kinda good. I just wish she’d heal herself a little bit more and gyser was easier to land dear lord.