You got your wish. Alani has now been nerfed into the ground

That’s absolutely ridiculous. Alani NEEDS to be able to get into the battle to build osmosis for heals. If she’s completely defenseless and needs to be protected by a teammate just so she has the power to heal that teammate…what’s even the point of having her? Her nerfs are so severe that she struggles to take down a lone minion if it’s attacking a sentry. The fact that her usage has drastically decreased and Miko usage is quickly increasing once again pretty much tells you a large chunk of people find her current state to be below average at best.

I stepped away from Alani for a while thinking that maybe it was just the initial shock of all the nerfs at once that made her seems worse than she is but after playing around with her tonight, I see that’s definitely not the case. Alani’s going on the shelf with Ambra until further notice. :smiley:

SHHHHHHHH! Apparently you’re not allowed to say geyser is hard to land! Quick, delete your comment! O_O

Geyser isn’t hard to land… Unless you think Orendi needs a buff, landing the same delay attack as geyser is 90% of her damage.

What people do is no indication of the quality of a character. Nor is your Personal Experience. Or any one’s really.
Miko is a dedicated healer, Alani trades raw healing potential for increased CC potential and team utility.

As far as I’m aware she didn’t have to go near battle to hit targets before, not Marquis range but still an impressive distance. Even with the nerf she doesn’t have to be in the exact middle of a battle now and as long as she has a team taking aggro for her up front, which she should have as a support, she won’t take nearly that much damage that she’ll need to healer herself, especially with her passive health regen and ability to heal for small amounts even at no osmosis.

I didn’t read all the comments, so maybe I’m parroting here, but the claim of her being nerfed in to the ground is just false. Untrue. I mained her from the day she came out, then her health got nerfed. Sure, it’s an adjustment, but it wasn’t that big of a deal for playing her. You just have to play more careful instead of reckless. They nerfed her damage and I was one of the people that said “LUL WTF DID THEY DO?!” But if you’ve actually played her, and played her enough to understand her, you’ll know shes still very good, arguably top tier. Yeah, she has a pretty high skill cap now. So? Are there not allowed to be characters that are very good if you’re good with them? She reminds me of Caldarius that way. Two of the hardest characters to play, but two of the best characters in the game if you’re good with them.

Rather than caling her dead, don’t play a game, die early and often and write her off as bad. She’s one of the most intricate characters to play now. If you put the time in, you’ll see it. She’s been far from nerfed in to the ground.

In my opinion Gearbox got this one right, and trust me, I loved playing her before she got nerfed.

She has a push back, slow and geyser… I haven’t seen a decrease on her at all and miko always been the better healer overall. Alani was just getting picked because of her damage output while being a support, healer and having hard cc.

There’s no way in hell she was supposed to give out that much damage. She’s nothing compared to Ambras current state either she’s still A tier and will remain that way as long as she’s able to heal for 800 and hard cc and slow an entire team. She’s a walking cc bot now that’s able to set up MASSIVE kills for your team while keeping you alive like a support is supposed to. The only thing now is that it’s harder for her to get kills by herself and a support isn’t supposed to be able to do that anyways placing her in the prefect spot mechanically

I wouldn’t say nerfed to the ground she’s still got one of the best cc chains in the game and geyser is still instant doom if you’re in it.

Miko is just so stupidly good so the only way a BB can match him or surpass him on some front as a support was to be op as hell and even then in Alani’s case she had to have absurd damage for a support available early on in a match.

Agree on this. Ambbra needs her lore legendary and level 7 mutation to have any impact in match asides from very flawed offense and healing.

Lol. Thank you

Calling me bad with a character really added a lot to the conversation. I don’t know what I would have done without your input. :smiley:

Well, I think it’s time to return to talking about the game.

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Sorry i didnt mean to insult you (thats why i said bad with the character not the game) but my point was rather then complaining about a character who you think is weak as ambra and cant take on a lone minion you could play the other 24.
Alot of people now said she is balenced, some even say OP so she not going to get buffed anytime soon.
She doesnt need to get kills in order to build up stacks to heal just deal damage so i dont see how losing some damage has made her unplayable and makes her weak. She still a top tier character.

Bit of Kindergarten-moderating here, it doesnt matter if a user asked for a ban you should not do so. Its hard enough to maintain a player base for this game this sort of behavior of yours is rather not helpful. Sometimes it’s better to suck it up and be the bigger man/wo.

Back to topic:

Comparing Ambra with Alani is not the best idea - Ambra is broken. Might be worth having a look at Kleese.
Kleese is support too, his damage is way above that of Ambra or Alani and not to mention that his passive heal beats them as well.( storymode) This is just not right…

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You did see him tell me to kill myself, right? And I’m not repeating what he said via pm, nor his previous contributions to this forum. This place doesn’t need that kind of member.

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This right here. She would have been perfect. If she had her original pre nerf stats without any type of heal she would have been perfect. With her heal she was a huge annoyance that was extremely difficult to kill, because of her heal. She would be a huge annoyance that could be killable without her heal. She’s kinda slow, but has some great CC and lane controlling abilities. If caught alone she would die pretty easily. If only this was how she was originally done.
Oh well. As of now the travel distance may have been a bit much. The health and damage nerfs I think we’re needed. The travel distance does defiantly hamper her ability to target players, but she can also hit minions and other such things to get her stacks. So it’s not all bad, but I feel sorry for an Alani that plays on the same team as a dedicated wave clearer now. A good wave clearer could kill all the minions before they get to her range.

Took a break from battleborn. Alani made the game so fun for me. I saw how harsh gearbox nerfed her which seems just ridiculous. But i cant judge cause i havent tried her after the patch yet. I just hope what people are saying about her in this discussion aren’t true.

I have more hours on Alani than any other character. If you were playing her as a support character, she can still do that. She is largely unchanged in that regard. You do have to be a bit more careful because of the decreased health.

If you were face rolling other teams and being a pusher/skirmisher, that isn’t going to work as effectively as it did before, by design. It can still work, probably, but not in the roflstomp manner it did before. They didn’t touch her attack speed or cooldown helixes, which I was positive they would.

I’ve played her in both PvE and PvP since the changes. My biggest concern was the distance reduction on her primary, but I honestly don’t even notice it.


O ok that doesnt sound to bad. I played her mostly as a skirmisher. Ill just have to use the rite gear to try to make up for the nerfs.

Yeah, she’s more fragile now (and can be burst down more easily) and doesn’t have quite as much damage because of the reduction on her Riptide mutation and on her primary, but you can still make the other team’s lives miserable if your aim is good–that’s really the key.


I highly suggest you guys try taking her lvl 4 Ride the Wave now to help with surivivability and to position for Geyser / misdirect teams.

If you release the the button after shooting you do like 120 or maybe 200 I don´t remember exactly