You guys feeling Nostalgic? Old Homeworld Cataclysm PVP recording

I found all my old game recordings. I have over 100. This is a 1v1 ladder match from who knows when. sometime between 01 and 05.

If there is an interest in these I can do some more.


How many do you have

I was addicted with the Shields made by the sentinels. I just completely covered by Mothership with it…

100 or so.

Damn, you were busy!

I miss two things with this game.

Firstly, me and my bro were ace shots with the siege cannon. We would land them dead mid-ship (usually cross map shots) and snap the command ship in half almost every time, and when it didn’t pop the ship, it was stripped bare.

Second, my bro was a mapper, and he made this map called Ashes to Ashes (i think), it had slipgates into the center where the crystals were. However, it also had two MONSTROUS asteroid balls that would fly through the “parade” locations for those slipgates. So if you brought your fleet through and started harvesting one of the crystals without re positioning…within a couple minutes everything in the center would be dead.