You guys need to fix your matchmaking

I’ll keep it simple, Level 15-25 players getting consistently matched against level 40-50 players. The game ends up being a complete shutout, vote surrender as soon as possible. It’s not just “having bad luck” or “having a bad game.”

This is the 4th day in a row i’ve shut this game off in frustration of not being able to find a decent match. Today I woke up just to play one versus match and ended up playing 3 “surrender” matches in that same amount of time.

Please fix this, cheers

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That seems frustrating but the matches I played on normally go well even with the enemy team outleveling us by a big amount, the command rank doesn’t mean they are going to win. This game is very heavy on teamwork and with that the individual players ranks wont matter if your team plays better than theirs.

Although I have also had some matches where we just get totally stomped on and that’s fine because not every match you get is going to be 100% balanced because you are dealing with real players not AI.

It’s basically the exact opposite of what you think. Player level means everything. Level 50’s have played this game religiously since it came out and they are far more accurate than me. On top of that, higher level players know how to get shards quick, and equip good gear. I’ve had marquis never miss a shot on me in melee range. I’ve had several games where enemies literally just have us pushed to spawn point, not even focusing on the game objectives.

I don’t mind having one level 50 on my team and one on theirs, or even maybe a little bit imbalanced. I’m talking situations where the teams look like this:

Your team: 7,12,17,22,26- (new players obviously)

Enemy Team: 19,25, 45, 50, 41- (No new players)

I know immediately it’s going to be a shutout and I am correct every time.

And it’s god damned frusterating.

So if I was rank 50 alone in a match with 5 rank 5’s I would win that match regardless because 50 is higher than 25?

There are just people who are gifted at learning games faster than others and a player who is really good but only rank 10 may be 2x better than a player who is level 50 and gets carried in his matches. The command rank does not dictate player skill just play time. Yes they have had more games to learn characters sweetspots and weaknesses but their ranks don’t automatically grant them a win.

How is a rank 26 a new player compared to a level 19? Or a 22 for that matter. Lets not forget 17 and 19 are not that far a difference. Maybe the teams you are playing against are using mics for communication and are able to dominate the map with teamwork. Playing with randoms is most likely going to grant you disappointment when you need that character the most to step up. Most players are not going to listen to some random guy who is barking orders in their mind being the best at the game. Random pub matches I wish you luck in finding a team who will build off their mistakes rather than pushing them on someone else.

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Posted in my own thread but yep, I can illustrate your point in two images:

  1. took 15 mins to fill this match lobby on X1

  1. Five mins into match with other team clearly as expected dominating and without me casting a vote and in seconds of a vote being called…


IDK, rank is no true indication of skill. I’ve run into exceptions on both sides. I’ve run with people ranked higher than me at maybe 54 who got pummeled by PvE enemies and I’ve had rank 5’s obliterate an enemy team single handedly in PvP. I will admit that someone with a higher rank will probably know the game’s layout better, but I don’t think in all situations someone with a higher rank is better.

Higher ranked enemies have:

  1. More time ingame
  2. More heroes to choose from
  3. More helix unlocks
  4. More loadouts
  5. More items

so yes rank is a rough estimate on how people would fare in general.

-Gear: I’m still using gear from games I ran at rank 4 (green/white) and it wrecks is used correctly.
-Time ingame: I mentioned that.
-# of heroes: Doesn’t mean that much since you can unlock Ghalt by rank 8 if you want

However, I will give you the Helix options for the most part. Apparently the only way Ambra can really get into her healing role is with them. I will maintain my opinion that (if you dedicate yourself to that character) you can unlock mutations by rank 10.

In the end, all higher ranked people have is more options and due to the paradox of progress we know that just causes them more stress lol. I can see your point though and I can see the importance of optimising the matchmaking system.

Match-making has absolutely nothing to do with Command Rank. CR is not a factor when matching up players and teams.
If you listen to the Jythri Q&A you will hear him discuss exactly how it is done. (Basically they use an ELO system which takes your current win/loss as well as other factors and uses your score to find other players with-in a certain range. Then once your group is created, it takes an average of your team’s ELO and using that finds another team that falls with-in a range)

So a couple of things to note.

1.) Jythri mentioned that they are looking to tweak the ranges a bit to make things more competitive (i.e. If you have a group matched up against another group who is at the very high end of the range…the lower ELO group could be in some trouble)
Since range adjustments were mentioned in today’s patch notes, it looks as if a tweak is being implemented in this first micro-patch.

2.) ELO just takes a bit of time to work out, so match-making will get more precise the more games are played.

3.) Jythri mentioned that it is hardest on the extreme ranges. Players/Teams with either really high or really low ELO still need to find matches, and it can be hard to find due to their extreme range. So they are looking into the best way to get matches quickly while being as fair as possible.

Anyway, I guess it all boils down to the fact that GB knows that matchmaking is a critical element to the game. They are making adjustments to help facilitate things. At the same time…some of this will be a bit rocky until more games get under everyone’s belts.

Adjusted skill-based matchmaking ranges to speed up matchmaking times

This sounds like the opposite though, i.e. in order to improve queue times they’ll be more flexible with the ELO range. That’s the exact opposite.

The problem still exists after 50+ matches played.

While CR isn’t being taken into account currently it clearly should be when we’re talking starting ELO. A player with 20+ CR obviously has an edge over a player who just started if they’re both just playing their first PVP match.

It’s not the worst system I’ve seen but it’s one of them. There’s enough examples of games with a fairly decent matchmaking system so I don’t understand why it can be off by this much. If the game can’t match “average” players together during prime time then there’s a serious problem.

Yeah, the patch notes are not in line with what Jythri said on the broadcast.
He basically said that they wanted to tweak the ranges to make them more balanced while attempting to limit the impact on queue times.
I’m going to go with what he said over what was written in the patch notes…as what he said made sense in terms of working to improve the product.

It could be that the patch notes are talking about the other aspect which was how to deal with the extreme highs and extreme lows.

I must say that the other day, my friends and I were getting pulverized PVP wise and still won. Rank does not dictate skill. But maybe the issue is finding a select few characters you can rotate when you enter matchmaking. Use campaign to get a feel for a character’s abilities and then enter the matchmaking portion when you feel comfortable using them and make sure the character you choose fits a role in the team. Sure, some teams can play well without healers, tanks, CC, or DPS, but an ideal team tries to pick characters that fits their team’s objectives and role.

Yep. The matchmaking is absolutely bare bones in this game. It’s too bad. There are so many good implementations these days on very similar games they could have copied. Instead they just made a mechanic that seems to match 5 random people with 5 other random people. Perhaps they have some behind the scenes ratings for players (why on Earth keep it a secret if you do?), but if they do it doesn’t seem to be working very well. I mean, how many tens of hours do I need to play before 4/5ths of my matches aren’t a complete blowout for one side or the other?

Many developers these days will actually tell their player base how the matchmaking on their game works. So far we’ve only got a couple small off the cuff remarks to base our opinions of it on.

Saying rank does not match skill is a lot like saying a famous artist isn’t better at what he does, or a CEO isnt better at business, or a football player isnt better at athletics. Time = effort = advance in skill.

I’ve got people on my side, already got one guy with screenshots showing exactly what i’m talking about. Just some bull Pro’s vs Newb’s matchmaking.

I tried again today and played 4 more games. 1 AFK surrender, 2 Pro’s vs noob’s insta-loss, and 1 legit defeat where we almost won.

I’m not making this crap up. Their matchmaking is horrible.

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They’ve said that someone could reach the same skill level at level 5 of they’re on a winning streak as someone at rank 50. CR dictates how long you’ve played, not how well. A player could have lost as many games as they have won.

I would argue that CR does not indicate skill, but does indeed give you time to develop said skill.

I’m not arguing you haven’t experienced what you have, but I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum.