You know how they talk about expanding the characters?

I like dreaming about what possibilities we could get with potential 4th trees for our original vault hunters. As much as new trees would give space for new possibilities, I also think they could reclaim some great points from previous games.

Today I came up with something I feel could be really awesome for Moze. Get this. How about if Moze got a reworked Anarchy tree with an Athena-style shield for Iron Bear?

Gaige was my favourite character in BL2 and I’d love to see some Anarchy mechanics make a comeback. People could argue, however, that that tree could do with some tweaking. The top half was pretty awesome, but further down we had things like Death From Above and With Claws, possibly the weakest capstone in the entire series. I’d love to see what would happen if they had a second go at this and combined it with the spunky new Moze.

Meanwhile, Iron Bear flings out a mechanical version of Athena’s aegis shield. The augments take on the form of Athena’s corresponding game changers from absorbing elements to reflecting bullets to sending the shield into multiple combatants.

In my mind, it could not only make for a magnificent tree but also be fantastic fun. What does everybody else think?

There was a brief discussion at release and I’d be curious to see how opinions have changed.