You Know What Battleborn Needs

A Controversy… Let’s Start A Controversy Over Alani’s Butt…


We all know what the real controversy is regarding Alani as a character :smirk:

Why are her eyes so huge in comparison to her concept artwork

I don’t know about you but I’m concerned about the agenda that GBX is pushing with this kind of unrealistic standards of facial proportions :sob:

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Ya i don’t even know what your talking about lol.

Promoting violence against animals when fighting Toby.
Montana and Thorn are promoting unrealistic body expectations.

thing with a butt is, you gotta get your hands on it before making judgement, anyone got a 3d printer?


They didn’t need that with Tracer lol.

Alanis butt seems okay, from anatomical standpoint^^
Reynas butt is another story, but its okay. When I see Reyna I´m suddenly okay with my butt & legs. If she had´nt such a wasp-taille…want that too…

PS: I´m female btw, just in case of confusion why I should compare Reynas butt with mine lol

Reyna is Thicc

The one upside about Overwatch getting more publicity over Battleborn has meant that those who are whining that the 8 women in OW all have the same body type would probably find something to whine about the 10 women in BB. Like how Orendi has extra arms just so she could use more instruments in the kitchen, or that Galelia keeps taking off her armor, or Thorn is very thin and has a skin tight outfit or how Shayne is being bossed around by a male monster.

Saying that though, I imagine Alani does have a nice butt. She is fantastic at healing and killing everyone, so I imagine she has a great derrire too just to top it all off.


Matter of perspective I guess. Compared to Thorn: Yes. Compared to maaaany other women: Not so much.
She has quiet the hips, true. Just as I do^^
As slightly overweight girl I really appreciate such character designs. And as artist I also appreciate the “sexy” female characters as Alani or Maya from BL2.

For every kind of Bad-Ass :heart:


Shayne actually bosses around a male monster.


Its strange how these topics are forced…mostly through schovinism or schovinistic feminism…(<- yes, it exists. Schovinism is defined by a group of people thinking they are better by default. Very similar to Fascism.)

I love all women in BB , I could not find something that put me off so far.
Thin, thick, princess or badass - they are ment to be people, and people are divers and different from each other, which is a great thing :heart:


Oh believe me, I know that. But if you hear some of the complainers about Overwatch, they clearly put as much of a sexist spin on things as possible. Hence why I think if they focused on BB, they’d probably complain how Shayne is just a weak teenage girl, shamelessly sexualised as she doesn’t wear a shirt, and that the male monster has all the cool powers while she is just a bossed around girl.

It’s all ridiculous, basically.


and guys she’s wet all the time O.O well she is a water monk. Anyhow I thought alani looked epic then I heard her voice acting someone I’ve hear in a numerous of my games… and from dragon balls Z yes the voice actor of Dende… and immediate blarg reaction :confounded:

But yea her neutral picks stance, tracer much? And let’s not even get into widowmaker O.O


Her voice is not an inch better in german…spoiled water-brat -.- I love Alanis design, her voice not that much…
She has the same voiceactor as Dende?! That must be weird! (Only saw TeamFourstars DBZ-abridged, I lack the experience of the true DBZ in english though…)

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HAHAHAHA you’ve only seen the teamfourstar abridged?(haha superkamiguru) then the damage is done once you see their abridged there is no way to unsee it they are that good. I think they also do JoejoesBizarrre adventures.
But back on topic I suppose, yes alani’s voice acting really doesn’t fit the tragicness of her character and NO , no parallel’s to dende. I really hope Rendain get’s more use because im a dude and his voice makes me melt O.O guy is awesome. Oh yea did you also know the voice actor for piccolo/vegeta is Rath’s voice actor holy hell he is talented but how does he manage to sound the same over the years?

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I’ve only heard Alani’s dialogue from her appearance page on the Command menu and a few lines while fighting her, and yeah, got to say, I’m amazed by how arrogant she sounds. I thought the whole point of monks where that they were peaceful, collected and generally respectful? (Or at least, stereotypical ones.) Especially with the way she is designed and her peaceful poses, she doesn’t come across as the kind of woman who would do any kind of meditation to me.

“Its a bit Zarbon in here…” - Damage done, indeed! Gonna love that show!!! I found it rather late, first after I was a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh!-abridged. Their Hellsing made me cry of laughter, so darn hillarious!!!
-Bitches love cannons- nuff said.

Though her german voice is different I really can agree its not fitting for her lore… She seems very selfcentered and over-the-top shallow -.-

No reason to be ashamed - his voiceactor is pure gold covered in honey!!! I curse that I´ve the german vesion, I got so used to his voice during trailers & gameplay videos…

Ohhh Rath - I recognized the voice during the CTT (he was the very first char I ever played) and it was AMAZING! I felt like 9years again, jumping up and down xD

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I think Alani is a robot… So get this; me and my homie were playin some incursion and I pulled out some pimp daddy Kelvin. I subliminate and stun Alani and she goes (may be a bit off cause it was hours ago) "Ah my power transmitters uh I mean uh my arms.

As a fish person that sets an unrealistic expectation for me

When you froze her and she said that the X-files theme should have played while everyone looked at her confused.
But yea i kinda like the mystery of the lore like most of the UPR has some type of genetic modding, like montanna is a huge mutant his upper body is way disproportionate to his legs and head. Im starting to think Ghalt is a turtle due to his taunt or a small man witha big head in a robot. And I also think Benedict is a chicken that mutated and looks like hawk.

Anyways getting back to alani- O.O nice find.