People constantly kicking me from games when searching.


If someone kicks your from their game; you are EXCLUDED from joining their game when you search for the next 30 minutes UNLESS invited back, which resets the timer.

I wasted 2 hours because of this dumb bloody multiplayer setup you’ve implemented. 2 hours streaming crap content.


I have been plagued by this ansta-kick as well. Usually right after a boss kill. Even though IT’S ON COOPERATION! We all get our own loot, I can’t ninja grab your gear like it’s 2012. Why kick people? I’m not running modded gear, maybe my build is just better than yours?

Steam released, I’m good now lol


HONESTLY! :rage:

It’s been like this since release and nothing has been done to fix it.

Probably kicking you from their game because right now Global join resets mayhem modifiers but friends only and invite only works fine and keeps your modifiers. They probably kick you so they can get their modifiers back.


I haven’t played matchmaking since 2.0 really because of the modifier reroll.

All of my instances were on M4.

How does the streaming thing work with getting the host’s permission? I know I wouldn’t want someone joining my game to start streaming it without asking and, if they did ask, I’d say a firm ‘No’.


What do you expect from random people on the internet?

I stopped playing with random people 10 years ago.


I have to agree here. They should ask the host if they want the play to be streamed. I too would answer “no” every time :wink:


I said something with very insulting sarcasm about streamers. I just dont like when they make fun o players they join with… So i poked fun at em.

There i edited the living crapola outta my comment.

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You know what I’m sick of? Streamers calling themselves “content creators”. You didn’t create content, you demonstrated it. Are race care divers automobile creators? NO!
I’m not saying streamers are bad people, but personally I can’t justify watching someone play a game instead of playing it myself.


Doesn’t matter if they like it or not, I tell them Im streaming and from there, up to them.

Don’t like it? Then turn your game to private.

Oh the irony…

The Villians of bl3 are streamers

And we’re here to stop them

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Then I think you might have an answer for why you keep getting kicked out of other people’s games?


That’s a stupid assumption to make. If you’ve nothing to contribute and insist on making absurd posts like that, then please remove yourself from the thread. Thank you for your understanding.

By the same token, use the matchmaking threads here, discords, xbox clubs/psn groups/steam chats to look for streamer friendly players?

Being a streamer doesn’t offer exclusive rights to public lobbies. But definitely leveling with the party that you’re streaming is the right move, if they don’t want a streamer they can ask you to leave or kick then.

I have to second this, if I played public games and a streamer joined when I was hosting, I’d ask them to leave, and if they didn’t they’d be kicked. I wouldn’t want to be competing with streamer chatter about donations, subscribers, and general conversation for in game discussions.


Which is why this thread exists, there’s a lot of ways to fix this issue. The match making system in BL3 is just not up to par and this is simply a symptom.

Not all streamers chatter about donations or subs. I stream to show off cool stuff on a good mid-range rig, not to talk about crap nobody cares about - and regardless, it’s irrelevant to this topic and thread.

This is about how all games are automatically public and how joining a game has no system in place to prevent you from joining into a game where’s you’ve been kicked, for whatever reason.

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They’re misnomers/lazy mistakes that will never go away because people don’t care why stuff is called what it is. It’s like “social distancing”, people have never been more social than now, it’s supposed to be called “physical distancing” instead, but no one cares.


I fully agree, a matchmaking lobby finder would be a huge step forward.

You said you’re sick of being kicked, I offered you thoughts from someone on the other side of the discussion.

Also why I offered a solution by mentioning where you could find people to party with. But yeah, a review system to discourage random matching with people for reasons would be good, IF people could be trusted to not abuse it to force players out of matchmaking circles. (Flag casual public players for not being “cooperative” because they’re not able to hold up to people who play as a dedicated hobby/job)

Regardless, I offered my thoughts as someone who would kick a streamer as to why, hopefully a patch will resolve this issue at some stage during the games lifespan.

Additional thought. Does flagging, or blocking the user via the platform itself not lessen the chance they match with you in future games?


I have had a situation where someone was set on public and kept kicking people who joined their game while they waited for friends. It literally matched me 10x to them.

No clue why server listings, especially with how many combinations of match making is possible, is not a thing in this game.


I do this a lot with other games. I only play with 2 or 3 people who get on at different times, so if I get a party request from anyone else I ignore it.

Still, OP being a streamer doesn’t diminish the point that multiplayer in this game leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s not get needlessly snarky now :wink: