You know what I appreciate about this game that is likely taken for granted?

I can actually see my lower body in first-person when I look down. There aren’t that many first person games that do this. It’s just nice to see.


I’m one of those few to appreciate it, in fact first time playing “do I have a body, I HAVE A BODY THIS IS AWESOME”

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Try attacking as Galilea while looking at her feet & moving.

Let me geusse it is extremely easy

Spoilers: In Third-person, she does a ballerina spin. In First-person, her leg just…hovers.

Haha, that may be with rath too

I appreciate raths special cuz u can see him doing it. I always thought that was neat.
These small details are what helped me fall in love with this game

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Your an evolve fan, you sir have exquisite excellent taste (your profile picture of goliath)


I am indeed. Evolve was my favorite game for the longest time, but since stage 2 has come out and im a console player, “Legacy Evolve” has died off on xbox an theres no updates coming to fix the issues that have bin there for months.
So a lack of teammates and every other monster player is runnin one of the two overpowered monsters makes the game lose its luster.
I wld just play monster, but having people leave every game as soon as you start stompin with the Goliath(my love) is annoying.
An so the death of my beloved Evolve lead me here, to Battleborn, an so far im loving it.


Yeah I’m in the long wait for stage 2, I feel your pain
Been on the forums?

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I’ve been playing since launch and I noticed this like a week ago. Blew my damn mind.

One little thing I noticed with Attikus… if you look down and look at his Pouncy Belly while taunting, his head looks down as well.

It’s kind of funny if you look up and do his “Hedronic Crush” Taunt his Arrogance level is

you know

OVER 9000!!!

Yeah ive just recently left there. The TRS forums is just filled with self righteous PC players that all think their opinion is god’s an plus i have nothing to discuss there since im stuck playing the out dated and now forgotton about console version.
Im pretty salty about it no lie lmao

If it makes you feel better, they may have updated the PC version, but they have yet to fix matchmaking. Some of the updates are nice but overall they have tons of bugs to fix still.

Back on topic: This is actually my standard for a good game. if I can look down and see feet or body, that is an excellent game. Otherwise it’s a meh game. Honestly that attention to detail is pretty amazing to me. I love looking down at Kleese’s crossed legs. It helps get into the feel of the characters better I feel.

Do you have the same name on it

I noticed that too!

That is true but its still technically a “Beta” so the bugs an junk SHLD be fixed before it rolls out to console…IF it ever does.

Yes i do, i keep it all the same everywhere i go. So if you see my name. Its usally me lolz

@cadecampbell @B0bZ0mb1e

Whst IS Evolve?

I know it’s Gearbox.

I keep seeing it getting mentioned every now and then.

It’s a 2K game, but its a 4v1 pvp. Monsters vs Humans kind of thing.