You know what sucks about Alani's release?

Everyone and their brother are dying to play her, but how many people have actually given Kelvin, Toby, El Dragon, or attikus a single chance? My suggestion: if you’re dying to try alani, don’t forget that there’s still a full cast of 25 others that you should try as well.


Yeah - I mentioned weeks ago that it’s odd to do one character at a time. I guess their gating mechanisms are intending to help with that (IE: The unlock price without a key avail to those with DD / SP).

Besides, you shouldn’t play her anyway, because you wouldn’t like her…which has nothing to do with the fact that I totally love her.


Odd?? Every Moba I’ve ever played does regular character releases one at a time… makes perfect sense. Lets them implement one character, pay attention to their performance, and adjust accordingly before adding another one into the mix.

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i havent seen anyone play as kelven yet guess he’ll be the next i master :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally plan on rocking my main man Toby tonight or either getting in some practice with my newly unlocked Kleese (grumpy old man with a taser ftw). Don’t forget, there’s always story mode! In fact it’s probably a good idea for people to give her a test drive that way. Figure out how to play her at your own pace, and maybe unlock a helix mutation or 2 while you’re at it.

There isn’t a single character that I have not tried, nor been in a party with. Some are rarer than others but I have seen them all.

As to Alani over others, I prefer healing/support. I Have master of miko, ambra, kleese, and ine one more game reyna. For me Alani just makes sense. Not to mention now that I have tried her she is a blast!

Like miko she doesn’t have a cd on her main heal, but it requires more thought then hold a button down. Her abilities allow great field control, and you need to attack and heal! I couldn’t ask for a better character.

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Personally, Alani was the character I wanted to play the most since release, I dont care about Kelvin, Boldur or El Dragon.

Im not going to quit a match cause I cant play Alani, but I dont care for some of the roster.

Actually it’s my goal to get to at least level 5 with each character and to play at least 5 matches with each one.

I end up really liking every character I play but some do take more than a couple of games before you figure them out. While others you fall in love with right away.


I play a few single player missions with each character before even thinking about jumping into PVP with them.

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I’m guessing you’re referencing F2P experiences? And what are the roster numbers at overall? I’ll admit I’m not a major MOBA player, but it seems the gating mechanisms and overall value-sense are notably different, even, while yes, there are similar functions and systems. But Alani is technically available to everyone (and without even having an option to pay real $ … not including DD / SP), and instantly for those who have a SP / DD (and will be the case for at least the next 4 heroes).

That, and there’s a bug for Alani. None of her lore is popping up for me. I finished a match with Galilea and didnt get the completion or ‘tally’ for completing that one match and i’ve healed quite a bit and that still hasn’t gone up.

I spent over an hour, trying to find a group for pve. 2-3 Alanis every single time. I guess it is doable, but its really no fun.
If you arent done with your lore challenges, you might as well give up, unless you have a team.

I’m pretty much doing the same as this^ have all non favs currently at 3-4.

My personal favs to play in order of trying them out and loving; Whiskey Foxtrot, Toby, Ambra, and Kleese.

From the bit I’ve done with all others, I’d say my next may end up being Kelvin.