You know what would be a good skill for Sal? Open menu while in FFYL

I use triangle button to dual swap weapons alot during gunzerking, I presume many others do too.

Often I like 2 snipers and 2 pistols or 2 smgs or 4 pistols even. But everyone wants a rocket launcher for if in FFYL, a very useful skill (maybe 1 pointer) would be for him to have option to press select and go into menu even in FFYL.

Opinions etc.

That depends on the character, and sal can switch guns as easy as spamming buttons until you get the gun you want.
That’s broke af tho. That’s only for Zero, Gaige, and Maya. Krieg and Axton never need this when built well.

Pretty hard to reach into your backpack when you’re bleeding out :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like that for all characters for me. I don’t like wasting a slot for a FFYL launcher - so I mostly don’t. That means I have a higher chance to go down - oh well.


I mean, the simple solution is to always play co-op with someone running a siren…


I use the DPUH as my FFL weapon for all characters- mainly because it can just be used during normal game play and the ammo pool is relatively deep…


Sal is the only character that can use his action skill while in FFYL. I’d say that gives him a pretty damn huge advantage as it is.

Being able to open your inventory in FFYL leaves the field wide open for all sorts of abuse. We’d start seeing people changing the rest of their gear, into gear that is better during the recovery phase as well as getting back up. I don’t like it!



still think it’s a good idea tbh. Would it be hard to program a custom menu which just allows for weapon swap? Don’t think it would be