You know what would be a nice balancing move for Galilea?

Making it so both “It’s Dangerous to go Alone” (that helix when Galilea starts firing projectiles at full health) and “Antihero” (that helix when Galilea gains up to +35% attack speed while corrupted) are both options on the same level so that player has to choose BETWEEN them.

It’s better for “It’s Dangerous to go Alone” to be moved to a 5th level, so it’ll be an option alongside “Antihero” there, while moving, let’s say, “Last Light” (+4hp/sec while corrupted) to level 3 to replace “It’s Dangerous to go Alone”.

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This is a brilliant idea! Though I wouldn’t mind if the damage on the lasers and value on the attack speed boost were both decreased, but this is a very good start.

Hey, Devs? Idea for your first major patch on Galilea!

Agreed. If this were the case, I could live without the stat decrease on either.

Or you know shes balanced as is and doesn’t need to change. Personally I have seen Gali Dropping do to the fact shes no longer overpowered really if you were to do anything at all reduce the time on her stun by a tiny bit. But even that isn’t all that concerning do to the fact shes no longer a large threat and most characters can easily kill gali pretty easy. If you can’t maybe you should experiment a bit to find out how.


I’d love to know which mythical game you’re playing. Galilea still has twice as many CC abilities as any other character. That is not balanced.

Her DPS is too high, period. I literally feel bad when I play her at full force, making some people leave, or enemy teams surrender. I’m talking as a Galilea player, not Galilea hater.

Then i am better than i thought because gali is really easy to beat mellka is a god against gali deande can get close and make her shield useless phobe can can get behind her and do massive damage like nothing else. Sure i agree that she is a character based off of cc and if she didnt have it she would be useless hut shes nit as good as everyone keeps making her out to be. Im not saying she was never broken but she no longer is I feel currently she is balanced.


The point is about her damage output, not her durability.

See I disagree with stuff like this because IDtgA projectiles are contingency based. Only way this would be balanced is if she had perma projectiles.

She’s been nerfed enough. Seriously once the next and hopefully last nerf goes through for her then it’ll be done. I’m getting sick and tired of all the bitter replies to one of the most awesome character designs in the game for a female character.

First off, she’s not overly sexual looking like some other females in the game. (not that I have a problem with that :P, I’m just saying I enjoyed playing her because she was a badass female tank with weird abilities that wasn’t a bore to play.)

Seriously though, some people just need to get over it. She’s a tank, and if you don’t like her then don’t play her. I really don’t want her to be reduced to irrelevancy and reduced to some trollop that talks trash, but can’t dish it out. The entire point of her is that she’s going insane due to some stuff in her past and that’s where she draws her abilities from.

In either case, she’s not the most fearful tank, she’s just more versatile than most, and I think the next changes that go through will do more than help steer the more cheap aspects of her to a minimum.


Finally a voice of reason. Though, I think she has two more nerfs coming her way.

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So what if she does plenty of damage. If shes not durable then what is she supposed to do to dish out that damage. She can dish out a hit but she can’t take one idk what you guys are on but thats balanced

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The thing is I DO like her. And that’s the reason I want for her to be adequate. I don’t want to stun guys’ face, melt him in 1.5 seconds, and then watch him leave the game because it was like 10th time I did it in this game.

It has nothing to do with her looks, I don’t know why would you even bring that up. Neither it has anything to do with her backstory. The fact is that right now, if you’re doing everything properly, you will just eviscerate almost anyone with no effort.

That, and if you’re playing to actually win, then in many cases you have only 1 viable choice in the helix tree. It is also a balance problem, and in a game like that - should never happen. If from 3 different choices you’ll be handicapping yourself by packing anything but one (Antihero at level 5, It’s Dangerous to Go Alone at 3) - the designers have failed at their job.

she is worst now…

Lawl, people must not pay attention to character’s traits. It very clearly, very openly states that she is a “territorial” character. Sure, if you’re going to rush in thinking you’re going to best her, you might not have the best time. You’re fighting a territorial character in their own space. And now with the most recent nerfs (desecrate effects getting dumbed down, no running melee) you can easily counter this. She silences you? Walk out of desecrate then continue fighting like normal. She stun/pull combos you? Leave her AoE and continue fighting like normal. She’s angering you with her projectiles? Get her health down by even 0.1% and they’re gone. All this crybaby ■■■■ is ridiculous :frowning:

  1. This thread was created before the Alani patch which introduced her nerfs, like sprint attack and etc;
  2. I posted this thread as a Galilea player, not a Galilea hater.

Then you must not have any reason to complain about it anymore, since she’s been nerfed down enough to where people need not any skill to counter her, but can just rush in on her like any other character. Completely negating her territorial status. Crybaby ■■■■.

-Coming from another Galilea main

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If you’ll check carefully, you’ll find that I did not complained about her since her nerf in that patch. Also, I played plenty of her post patch to say that she is still strong, just less likely to demolish someone’s face without giving them a chance to escape. I just carried a team of complete newbies in a coldsnap meltdown game (one of the guys were 0/15/1).

There are several factors to these problems I just read through. Galilea is my main and I dare someone to say they’re better with her by themselves. Since I normally end up with teammates and esp healers who don’t even heal try to heal me unless I’m running away from combat to get shards like “No stay I’ll heal you now.” Ive carried teams like that aswell. Switching her helix traits around won’t f8d her it will actually make her terrible. For a while I never used her level 5 mutation and still dominated simply because the way I use her abilities. For sustain to take on several people, not 1v1 instakills. As soon as you take .1% of damage to your health you lose the projectiles which causes her to instantly lose a whole helix she can’t use during a fight. Which was fine since she has the cc and damage with other helix options where that was fine. Also her natural health regeneration with her level 5 helix plus her desecrate healing in addition to a health regeneration item causes her damage to fluctuate during a fight unless you’re getting focused.

Now with the reduction of her damage with her low base stats, changing her helix options as such will make her unplayable vs other characters like Deande phoebe and Kelvin. Even Montana (who I think is open since I’ve carried a team without a healer and did the most damage and had the most kills. Though I wouldn’t have gotten healed anyways.) BTW it was my first time picking up Montana after not wanting to because he’s overplayed. Also don’t give me the fact that his burn helix does so much I didn’t go for any of that, no overheat prevention or burning helix.

Galilea can’t take much damage. A simple level 5 no gear spin to win can 100-0 other tanks can run away crippling but not her. She’s the type of bruiser that has her own type of sustain and can do a lot of damage but once her self preservation is gone she’s gone. Just because you pick people off like an assassin doesn’t mean anything. Any tank building damage can do that. They just can’t sustain all sorts of damage like their supposed to even with a healer. Plus most galilea that I see do good have a minor behind them. So I kill Mike then kill their galilea because they’re usually building damage and I build damage, health regeneration and damage reduction. So I’m pretty versatile with what I have to deal with.
You might say overpowered I say people need to stop being scared and actually hit her if she’s killing your teamate. No galilea should still be swinging with her bolts after killing someone out in the open.

The other point is you keep fighting scrubs. Matchmaking is obviously putting you with certain enemies for several reasons. Others you are with suck or they don’t deem your playstyle worthy enough to go against coordinated enemies. That’s Matchmaking.


I meant miko not Mike or minor