You like Conduit+Amp shields, right? Then keep this in mind

You ever notice that your shields aren’t charging, even though you’ve clearly got a shock effect going on?
Well, did some testing on the dummies, and Conduit never lasts longer than 2 seconds (standard shock effect duration). If you want to reactivate it, wait for the shock effect to wear off, then shoot again.
So basically, in a mindlessly-unloading situation, you have a better chance of keeping it going with guns that have a low elemental effect chance, since the likelihood is greater that no shock effects will proc in 2 seconds. That, or practice firing in 2 second beats when you need shields.
Or hope Gearbox fixes it, because its not performing the way its in-game description states.
You can still go crazy with it at high stacks, it’ll recharge the amp drain many times over in those two seconds, but once it stops, lay off the trigger for 2 seconds (or switch to your fire weapon), then go again

Conduit only resets, ready for another two seconds, once your previous shock effect wears off, or if you electrocute another target.

target not being electrocuted=good, ripe for 2 seconds of conduit
target is already electrocuted=bad, find another target, or wait for it to wear off. Use the time to switch to other shock weapon to keep storm weaving going.

Yeah, I noticed the same a while back. I’ve always just assumed this was the end result of the devs (for once) creating a rather powerful skill (when used intelligently) but balancing it to where it was unlikely you could use it to break the game. …Which, in my opinion, endless shield charges from constant electrocution DOTs would be. I mean, very little in the entire series resists electrocution; keeping those DOTs going is extremely easy.

You’re probably right, the skill description is kinda misleading though

Wow so if I manage to electrocute enemies constantly over a period of time I won’t benefit from Conduit at all? That can’t be right. At least make Conduit have a timed cooldown rather than having to lay off electrocuting entirely

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Try it yourself, get a shock weapon and unload on the dummies. Conduit will last 2 seconds, and I found that if you keep firing, it does kick in again sooner or later, but it’s pretty unpredictable. Better to switch to a fire weapon for a bit, if you’ve got Unrelenting going you won’t lose a lot of time.

i could have been mistaken but the thunderfire is good for conduit. it was very helpful against the sentinel. i was 64 it was 66 and most of my gear is 60 with a few new dlc stuff at 62. he killed me once, because him damn arm was blockin the sera i wanted to second wind offa, but he was a cake walk the second time. shield of ages and thunderfire with conduit!!!

That’s actually a pretty great idea. Shoot next to enemies to damage them with splash, then go for direct hits to start Conduit

I don’t really see an issue here. Conduit is based on at least one active Shock DoT. Unless your elemental effect chance is 100% you aren’t going to apply DoT every trigger pull which explains the lapse between Conduit activations. The key to Conduit is keeping Storm Weaving active as much as possible by swapping between shock weapons, not shock and fire weapons.

The “lapse” lasts well into your next shock effect. With a high fire-rate shock weapon you can keep a target shocked pretty much constantly, since a new effect starts before the old one ends, even if the damage doesn’t stack á la Hellfire. It’s in these moments when conduit doesn’t behave the way its card describes.

I think the skill’s language was carefully chosen to avoid confusion that Conduit was based on the number of Shock DoT stacks (similar to Clappy’s Maniacal Laughter) rather than the number of Maelstrom stacks. Because Conduit only requires one DoT being active, any others that are generated during the time that the initial Shock DoT is in effect do not count. So it’s only after DoT ticks have expired that it checks to see if a new Shock DoT has been generated, not taking into account any pre-existing ones that you might have stacked before.

Did a bit more testing on this 5 days on, and switching to another shock weapon doesn’t work - you still have to wait for the previous shock effect to wear off. Having two shock weapons is still handier than shock+fire though, one less weapon switch.
Also, I was wrong about multiple shock effects. You can restart Conduit by electrocuting a new target, even if you’ve already got someone being shocked.

So are you seeing a stack effect with shock DoT on multiple enemies or does it still only regen at the listed rate? I would think it only factors in one DoT at any time.

kinda difficult to tell, since doing shock damage=more maelstrom=more charge, but I reckon the skill description would mention it if it could stack.
However, I did discover that if you keep several targets shocked, you can keep Conduit going constantly, as long as you alternate between them in 2 second beats i.e. always shoot a guy who is not currently electrocuted. Shooting a guy who is already electrocuted isn’t reliable.