You lookin' for help with Mellka's Ghalt lore?

I’ve recently unlocked Ghalt the hard way and am willing to run missions with anyone looking to fill that Mellka lore challenge for playing with Ghalt for 5 matches. There aren’t many Ghalt’s out there right now (Geez, I wonder why :wink: ) so I know it’s gunna be tough for those who wanna complete her lore challenges. Hit me up with a message (Zethren527) asking for some Ghalt matches.

I hope you’re all enjoying the game so far (even with the occasional issue/bug) because I know I am. Thanks Gearbox for working hard and doing your best to make a fun game for the fans!


Omg yes! It’s the last lore challenge I have left. I’ll add you next time I’m on :sunglasses:

I play with a Ghalt main, didn’t even consider doing this, I’ll play my next 5 matches with Mellka!