You need something?

You need it and I have it… probably (99%) of the time. I’m open to trade or just give it to you… :wink:pm me for info. BLTP and BL2.

Sorry if iv posted this in the incorrect thread :neutral_face:

Do you have lvl 70 ?

Hey, do you by chance have the Tech Ninja head?

Hey, so I’m just kinda lookin for leveling help on my claptrap, I’m trying to take on TVHM but I’m stuck on dead lift, I’ve cleared the main game so I don really care if I just sweep through the game, also im kinda just looking for really good legendarys and other good guns for a boomtrap and “I love you guys” build as well as help building my trees correctly and just all around help… I’m really bad at this game… Lol Help me plz

Looking for a naught shield and a fast talker or cheat code around lvl61

Would you by chance happen to have either the shadow trap heads or the void rocker?

I’m just looking for heads and skins for all characters I think I just need the DLC ones
PSN NoMoreHeroes75

Wont let me PM, message me on psn if you have anything left I lost all my saves and am trying to repay the pre sequel with the wife, dont want to have to grind for all of it again :sweat_smile: just most of it. My psn is novalord6214

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