You NEED to address supply station on Monuments, Gearbox

Seriously…it’s literally pointless. You might as well recall by the time you get to the thing. :unamused:

My idea is to put it in the small enclosed hallway that’s behind the Accelerator. Perfect spot to go back and heal up while defending the first sentry.

Also, it would be nice if the stinger turret closest to the thrall was a Thumper instead of a Stinger.


That supply station in monuments is nothingmore than a glitch in the matrix.


Wait, you mean you actually use supply stations? I don’t even wait on my healers anymore unless they tell me to stand there. I just recall/teleport back because instant full health. Running back to base is not as bad as it’s made out to be in all honesty.


Teleport, teleport, teleport.

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Yea, I imagine they thought it would work out to be an Overgrowth type situation where the offense could try and blunt-force that upstairs route if they were having trouble getting their wave through, but in the end it’s such a difficult position for the either side to maintain control of (too far removed from the lane to be of use for the defense, too open for the offense to hide from both Sentry and players in). It’s just that spot that occasionally backdoor-level damage types cycle through to keep the Sentry’s shield damaged or offline and the defense just has to make sure they’re on top of flushing them out of there when they try it.


If I recall they made it so that it was the opposite, that the enemy team CANT take it

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I’d like to see the support station on that ledge above the giant minion spawn

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right next to the big bot spawner would be great imo

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Well overall moving it there wouldn’t effect your ability to pressure because most of it is done from further back or the sides. It would allow the bad guys to fight you more if you didn’t straight x them.

Good thing then… The Matrix is getting rebooted just like this supply station should!