You nerfed ZANE. REALLY!? I’m done with your game

HIs only viable builds were 1) Cryo build using one or 2 elements and playing pickup the barrier. LAME.

  1. Salvation rough rider w/hex.

Nerf 1: Hex grenades are worse than purples now.

Nerf 2: Salvation no longer works with grenades.

I’ve put up with this “balance train” too long already. You say you want a balanced game, but all you do is crap on everything that’s fun or SUPPLIES DIVERSITY. Your “buffs” are cringingly lackluster, your nerfs are poorly thought out or tested, your game doesn’t run well.

On top of all that, you NERF the weakest vault hunter but make his useless clone live for an extra 4 seconds.

Good luck (not really I hope you keep shooting yourselves in the foot).


Imma do slaughter shaft M3 run dedicated to you my comrade. Cuz u know U don need no hex and Cryo has not been needed or nerfed in any way. What makes U think salvation needed nades anyway…


What on earth are you talking about?

Viable means playable, not steam rolls afk.

Everyone keeps using the word Viable very incorrectly. It’s kinda offensive at this point? “The only viable thing” when I’m having a blast doing well doing nothing like that.


I used the word viable correctly, just didn’t specify mayhem 3.

As for the other post, show me a mayhem 3 run through SS with Zane without Cryo build. I’ll wait.

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Easy not a single point in Barrier tree my man. you Gon pay up tho?


Pay up? What do you even want? So far you’re just talk, need a vid or a stream or I’ll join your game and WATCH you do it.

I got faith in you Hexxusz0r, I personally never used a full blown cryo build on Zane and did just fine with him. Never took him to the slaughtershaft though cause why go afk and throw hex grenades with zane when you can just do it with moze and be immortal :stuck_out_tongue:

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Still waiting.

Would you settle for a Normal Mayhem 3 Vs Reflective Bullets against Traunt with a Hellwalker, a nuclear host, and a FireStorm? Lol.

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STILL waiting, guess that guy was full of it

And no, traunt isn’t nearly the challenge that slaughter shaft is.

@Hexxusz0r is pretty on point. He knows his ■■■■. Maybe he is getting some footage.

What’s going on anyways? I love a good bet but I missed the challenge call out?


is it just me or isn’t it pretty stupid that zane’s salvation doesn’t work with granandes while amaras sustainment does…? they’re are basically the same thing, except amara’s is active all the time, zane’s a kill skill.

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i don’t think placing a timer on anyone producing results in a 2 hour time span is going to work. I’ve been waiting on a 8 minute clip to upload for the last 6 hours. we’re all pals here, everything is good, and I’m quite sure Zane isn’t buried 6 feet under by this hotfix (which is online only, by the way!)


If anything Zane should be better cause alot of his ability tree was bugged and not working properly and they been fixing it with each patch.

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yeah lol even when they briefly nerfed zer0’s deathmark everything was fine and they fixed it later. nbd

It is funny how you took it seriously, unbelievable but I am actually kind of guy to do it and stream it but I am also 30 employed and you will have to wait until I get any free time which is usually weekend.

Hey gimme a streamed proof rn!!!


took me 5 mins to find this footage in the end he shows build you can see it is 0% cryo no brainfreeze and he stops his undercover at CC. My run will be specifically 0 points in undercover but if you understand zane you know this is proof enough. yes he has hex there but that is not such major part of either dmg or survival just toss on a tesla. He also shows that he is not runing salvation at all, i mean maybe you should stop getting your info about which zane builds work in slaughter shaft from wherever you are getting those now? both double barrel capstone and hitman capstone builds can and will do it. hell even tediore zane by a madman here this is without catpurse+facepuncher shenanigans. gotta love how zane actually destroyes without any “muh cryo”

instead of trying it yourself you wanna sit around however and see what some youtuber will have to say about zane’s viability.

oh i see youtube is all covered with CCC cryo zane this and that, that must be what is setting the tone. But on forums here there are people who will do your shaft m3 with any drone/clone orientation.

P.S. this but i guess for a generation of yours this might not be qualified as proof cuz you know unless you are a streamer you a nobody.


Zane’s abilities have always worked as intended the people claiming they didn’t were testing in duals and on vehicles which gave inaccurate results plus gbx said they work but are under tuned.


As expected +70 ele damage

excuse me? it is mayhem bs, you think if i got +70 non ele and -70 ele my flakker scourge unforgiven and bekah as well as lyuda would cry about it? Am i also supposed to farm the worst modifiers just in case? i will take non elemental over elemental any day with my 130% scourge and monocole with clone swap also non elemental does not need any matching against any opposing health bar. Like what is your point even. i got - incendiary and - shock there as well? if you take 100 to 170 and then nerf i by half it means you are doing 85% of the unaltered dmg you’d be doing. Therefore i had to go with rad on flash i did whatever the damn modifier asked, i will not play the one with bullet reflect and -50% on guns and +50 action skill dmg because that is just bs, any other modifiers i am happy with.


seems like they buffed zane again to me. more health for my clone is always a good thing surely.