You notice how much BL3 retcons/ignores TPS and Tales?

*Cassius is written as a creepy mad scientist instead of the well-meaning survivalist he was in Tales and is killed off (BL2’s Lilith DLC)
*Rhys and Vaughn lose all their development from Tales and are essentially caricatures of their Telltale-written selves
*Sasha and presumably Fiona are mentioned as having vanished with no intention to ever come back
*Timmy and Aurelia are written in BL3 as if they’re all-new characters, with nothing said of their prior appearance in TPS (and even contradicting it in places)
*The tease that Janey Springs was going to inherit Catch-A-Ride goes nowhere and Ellie gets it instead
*The message that “war is coming” is dropped altogether

Definitely feels like Gearbox has something against TPS and Tales, likely due to not fully making them, given how the most anything is said of either game is when Claptrap is recapping events on the radio (and we know we can’t trust Claptrap’s storytelling).

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Cassius died in BL2, and did so with regret. And uh, also to save everyone else.
Entirely subjective, but understandable considering Tales is story-driven, while BL3 is gameplay-driven. A different kind of game, and harder to get personality across with.
Characters not appearing isn’t a retcon. Ignoring characters is not a sin.
Everyone goes on about how Aurelia contradicts her TPS persona. She doesn’t. It’s been however many years. She could’ve easily just gone The Bad Way, like Nisha did. No comment on Timmy yet, personally, haven’t finished the Handsome Jackpot.
What tease? Honestly, I might have missed that. I haven’t played TPS in a while.
The war is still coming, pretty sure this has been mentioned a lot. We even know Athena is returning, I believe. It’s got to tie together.

Gearbox was heavily involved with TPS. It wouldn’t have happened without Gearbox. I get disappointment with things not turning out how you wanted them to turn out, and there will be people that agree with you, but it’s not 100% a solidified Thing of how things Should Have Been. People will disagree with you, and it’s an incredibly opinionated set of things to discuss. Everyone’s going to have their favourites.

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