You should be able to call Auto Bear

Auto Bear should have the added bonus of being able to hold the action skill button to call the bot on the battlefield a la Titanfall.
This would be nice for those jump in/jump out builds and to activate ASE anointments.

Seems I was beaten on another earlier suggestions thread :sweat_smile:


Yea I was just mentioning this not to long ago, I think this would make moze much more enjoyable since I never ever actually use iron bear, it feels like such a break in the momentum having to jump in and out all the time.

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I remember at launch with all the IB issues, some people suggested this. Then a crowd of people said they don’t want Axton or Roland 2.0 and this is better. It’s not. IB is only used as an enter and exit. It’s a horrible action skill.

Interestingly all those people are gone.


I mean, i kinda wish IB wasnt so limited. There’ve been a lot of threads about this but here are some of the key things i’ve seen

  1. make all hardpoints more viable
  2. make bear fists do more. if a militant can be phase grasped, bear fist should be able to grab them
  3. teleport in/call autobear like deathtrap
  4. autobear walks around/goes where commanded
  5. security bear is a stronger shield in autobear, working more like axton turret (better?)

Anyway, there are a ton more ideas, but i think these would really improve and add variety to IB. hopefully they’re being considered. As of now, Moze has the smallest variety on her action skills due to the IB limitations on hardpoints and the terrible cooldown trade off.

edit: I’m moze gang and wouldnt give her up for any other VH, so the above is said with love.


I think Moze would be a more interesting character with autobear as an entire action skill option. I want an axton 2.0…

Funny enough I thought Moze would be my main when I read about Auto Bear before Launch. Thought I was going to get a new axton to play with.

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I wouldn’t go that far. It’d be nice if the auto bear skill gave you the option or something I agree. But Iron Bear is sooo strong with some builds now I wouldn’t call it horrible.

It’s horrible for people that want to constantly proc anoints, not horrible for damage output and protection. I don’t mind hopping kn and killing 5 badasses in 10-15 seconds.

But having an auto-auto bear would make other builds easier to use that don’t use iron bear as much. But it’s hard not to argue that you could just use a different character at that point. Then again I’d also argue, if rather more options for moze so why not just add that to the game?

I still wish they’d add a shield anointment that gives bonuses for like 25s on entering iron bear so the mech gets the bonus and you get the bonus if you leave early.

For me it’s horrible because it literally breaks the flow of gameplay.

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Yeah, for some builds it’s pretty annoying. I really wouldn’t mind having the option.

I just hope if they ever changed it they wouldn’t make auto bear just automatically go Turret… That’d be taking the skill away from people that use the mech and like the Turret.

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I’ll settle for a fourth skill three that changes it.

I always hop in at the start of combat and hop out right when i engage. I stack ASE elements, and jeeberz, it can really get you some good damage. If you’re good putting 11 points into DW, and losing out on something in the other two trees, you can get some good dps out of AutoBear while you wait for the CD.


Honestly, Autobear should be a selection like Fl4K has for their pets, not a tier 3 talent. The Autobear talent could even remain the same, but be a thing where you use the “drive bear” action skill seleciton, but then the talent leaves auto bear out after you exit.

I feel like autobear should just always be on and the skill now just increases it to 30s and allows instant deployment of the bear in Turret mode.

Not sure if that’s too much and it’d be a better idea to decrease the time to 10s instead of increase it to 30. Honestly either way a ton of people would select it and not use iron bear as a mech.


I’m one who’s always use Iron Bear as an enter/exit to proc anoints and other reasons. I’ve never complained about the mechanic because I love it. I make more use of the immunity frames then I do anything else Iron Bear related. Even if I had the option I would still enter/exit it manually for that reason.


Honestly I was just thinking of that. Full can of Whoopass and iFrames are my dark souls roll spam in mayhem 4 panic moments.

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I feel like if they did ever make an auto deployment, some kind of iframe animation would still be necessary, like moze pulls up her wrist and presses some buttons. She would be invulnerable for 2 seconds or something and can continue to sprint, but she can’t fire her guns or throw grenades. Short enough to not be intrusive, but still there so you aren’t gimped while trying to call in your Turret.

Also Full Can would still need to proc, and security bear would need to work properly.

To be completely honest, sometimes I build for auto bear anoint procs and I’d be just as happy if the animation wasn’t so long. I’d be even more happy if exiting was MUCH quicker.

In a recent patch I noticed I was taking damage on IB exit as well. I don’t remember this happening before, I know a few others have noticed it too.

Absolutely insane that I take damage while I can’t move, shoot, or do anything but sit there and watch myself take damage for a second.

I’ve noticed this too. It kinda forces you to exit immediately if you planned to use autobear. Them Wotan fights can get you killed if you’re exiting while a barrage is incoming.

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I’ve died on Iron Bear exit in the past it’s always been there. You exit via the front, you’ll eat damage if you mistime your exit.

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If i plan to use Autobear, i’ve learned to hoppidy-hop-hop as far as possible while exiting if i need to re-position, which seems to mitigate some of that damage.

I did notice this. Since I haven’t played Moze since quite a few patches. I can say this is something back in November never happened, but does now.


I could’ve sworn you used to have iframes before your feet touch the ground. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t take damage for a split second after running away from exit, I used to be in the middle of explosions and be able to throw a grenade after exiting before any damage would register. Unfortunately I don’t have any proof of this, never expected it to change and I will admit I’m not 100 percent sure if I was maybe just lucky before and wasn’t getting hit… But I was much more confident on exit earlier in the year than I am now.

Yeah it seems like more than coincidence that several people have only now started having this issue. To me it feels very obvious, but others have said they always did. So I don’t know 100 percent.

Agreed, just like Gamma for Flak’s pet. 15 seconds of auto bear without having to get in would be amazing. Share damage taken, heal each other, what ever… so many uses that would be a huge plus to Moze. My biggest complaint with Moze is activating action skill, followed by lack of healing.

Now, if Moze was supposed to be a secondary to Iron Bear as far as the battlefield goes, then this would be a different story. BUT, then IB would be the character, and Moze would be the pet.

Unfortunately this is on the bottom of Gearbox’s radar with all of the issues that still need to be fixed.