You should be able to farm anointments that can be applied to items

Just what the title says. I’m kinda curious people’s thoughts on this. Seems like it would be an interesting way to add customization.


Maybe when the crafting bench comes along you can break items and get the anointment part to craft it into another gun.


this, so much, this!

i think they originaly planned for this (seeing you can inspect the individual parts) but for what ever reason scrapped it :frowning:


Seems possible to do later on. It also seems like maybe trinkets were possibly supposed to add passive traits since they have different rarity levels?

On topic, I could imagine then making dedicated loot drops that say “[attaches to a shield or grenade] on ASE gain XYZ thing”. It seems like it wouldn’t be too far out of what the game already does in the code.


Yes please, I like this idea

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dunno if you ever seen or played “pagan online”

they kinda hit the mark when it comes to loot and crafting (indie game and didn’t realy took off that well though)

you had to farm for legendary BLUEPRINTS, then farm the parts and farm for a decent blank (white) item wich could add a cosmetic/small buffing effect (the latter was added in later)

sure, there was farming but it was actualy fun! no random bullcrap like we have in this game where 99.9% of the legendary drops are vendortrash

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Are you suggesting to take the farming out of a farming game?

I don’t like the idea.
It whould make the game way more easy and boring.

I don’t understand how it would take the farming out? Seems it would add more things and variety to farm.


How can something that takes off the farming side of a specific weapon “add” stuff?

Just because of how mutch active a gaming community is, people will istantly find a great way to find every place or farming spot to get the item that changes the anointment on a weapon.
and the game will morph into a:

step 1: Go to sancturay.
step 2: make every equipment you have a perfect god roll.
step 3: get bored of the game after a few days and forget the game even exists on your shelf.


You know I see this argument a lot and just can’t agree with it. Their are 4 character 3 trees each with a huge variety of anointments and legendaries. The possible builds to test and have fun with are endless. If you are the type of person to find one good build then get bored you just weren’t all that interested in playing in the first place. Also is it not on the creators to have some end game fun that is not just for loot but for bragging rights? I hate how a bunch of loot is locked behind difficulty right now. Make something insanely difficult but put a skin behind it, or a bad legendary that is just for the bragging right. That way there is something to end game play without locking away end game gear and if it is fun enough people will come back regardless of how god tier their build is.


This is what I think they should do.

Set Crazy Earl to sell anointments.

For 1,000 Eridium you can buy a random anointment to have placed on the item of your choice.

For 10,000 Eridium you can buy the anointment of your choice and have it placed on the item of your choice.

This gives users a guaranteed way to get the anointment they want applied to the item they want, but is still going to require farming to get the Eridium to do it. Also, since it is such a large amount of Eridium required to place a specific annointment on an item you won’t have people running around with pure God Gear after only a few hours of playing.

It’s the carrot at the end of the stick. An obtainable goal that players can see and count down to, so they know that if nothing else they do have one guaranteed way to get what they want.


Diablo 3 has great examples of these kinds of things. It’s such a great loot game. Too bad it’s not a humorous FPS like the Borderlands series. I love Diablo 3’s systems. I like it’s gameplay. I love Borderlands 3’s gameplay and like it’s systems.


Basically rune stones/words from Diablo 2?

I guess what i meant was that you could farm for both the weapon, and then separately farm for an anointment you wanted. The idea would be that you combine them in some way after you’ve farmed both separately.

In kinda a side thing, i think it would be interesting to see the wider variety of builds it might allow for, as people would find various anointments more accessible, thus allowing people to test more things.

I mean, in theory, any of those anointment combos would still be possible in the current built, but would be much less likely to be tested, since they’d be so hard to get.

For example, I could imagine an explosive Ironbear build where you got as many anointments to create instant cooldown with Bear and place the exploding IB anoinments on the Berner shield or something so that you could just hop in and out of IB as quickly as possible. (super fire explosive IB build thing?)

I dunno, it seems like it would just allow people to really spread out their build options and Min Max more effectively.

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Nah, I disagree. I’d rather GBX ramp up the anoint drops the higher your Mayhem level is, maybe 80-90% chance to roll an anoint at M4 or M5 (Mayhem 2.0??). At this level of the game, you’re probably trying to min-max. The item progression becomes Get legendary -> tackle higher difficulties -> get anointed legendaries to fully realize your build.

The most frustrating part (and perhaps the best example) are the rare spawns…who rarely drop legendaries…and if they do they’re most likely not anointed.


Yeah, if you’re in a high mayhem, you shoulnt be getting terrible anointed rates. The whole idea is that M4 is hard as heck. How you supposed to handle that without synergizing your build to the fullest? Totally feel that.

early D3 sucked though hahaha

took them a while to get the game on track :slight_smile:

Some of you seem to miss the point that a lot of the great ideas here are optional, if you want to farm a particular annointment for hours, days even, then you will still have that choice. It would be nice for people who enjoy doing other things, playing other games or dealing with family and work commitments, to have a way of participating in end game fun stuff without the huge time sink involved.

If you want to spend all of your spare time farming this one game you can still do so, no one will force you to take faster/easier options. The way I see it, it would prolong the life span of this game for everybody by having… a choice.

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I agree. I appreciate the other opinions, but as a concept, I don’t think it would hurt the game, and I doubt the people disagreeing with me would be negatively impacted by this.

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