You shouldn't play if you're OCD

Is there any order to the Typhon Logs?
What about Eridian Writings?
Also the Echo Logs?

So I’ve made a spreadsheet with names & locations. I was going to collect them alphabetically, but if there’s a certain order that’d be more ideal.

I could be wrong, but I think each map will play them in the order they should be heard regardless of which one it is. And then you just do the order the maps present themselves in for the story and should be chronological. They tend to theme with whatever map you’re on too, like how at atlas HQ he talks about his Atlas contract, so the exact order shouldn’t be the end of the world


Iridian logs I’m sure order doesn’t matter, they tell the same story in same order regardless of how you get them, so if your 1st is on the 6th map, it will be the first part of the story. Echo logs are ordered though.

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I think they’re coded to specific locations… as I look at it, I’m surprised they’re not sortable by ‘story sequence’ or something in my logs… when I had some spare time, I was going to listen to them all in order, but not if it’s a chore.

I think the Eridian ones will make more sense in order as well.

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Could be worse.

I’ve farmed Graveward 500 times. 100 times each on TVHM Mayhem off up through Mayhem 4. I’ve tracked every legendary dropped by type, name, and if it was anointed or not. I am not a streamer or youtuber, I don’t own or work at any website, nobody is paying me for this, no one asked me to do this. I had a theory and I decided to put the theory to the test. That’s the only reason I did it.


I thought Eridian logs were sorted by subject? At least when I went hunting them down…

All the Pandora ones talked about the Destroyer and creation of Pandora
All the Promethea ones talk about Sirens
All the Eden-6 ones talk about Guardians
Nekrotafeyo is the only one without an obvious theme

At least that’s how I remember it from when I looked for them. Did a lot of planet hopping while searching but I never got Guardian related writing from Promethea, or Pandora related writing outside Pandora.

You can play them whatever order you like. You’ll be able to piece everything together.

Just check the logs as you explore. My tip would be follow the beaten paths, and take side trips. Many of Typhon’s logs are next to chests. Claptrap unit parts are just to see Claptrap get to be able to integrate with another robot. It’s cute, but neither add anything super special. Vault writings aren’t really able to be explored til the end of the game. They let you know about some monster siren hoe who made Pandora the Destroyers Prison.

@moustangman. Where can I find your results? You hadn’t finished M3 and M4 yesterday. :smiley::+1: